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25 MAY 2010
80,000 Riders in Over 100 Countries
Are You Prepared for a Data Disaster?

What happens when your hard drive crashes, or you accidentally delete an important file? What if your computer is lost or stolen? Are your files safe in the event of fire, hurricane, flood, or a computer virus?


If you're not absolutely sure, I highly recommend that you read my new ebook:

Everything You Need to Know About Backups
(Because It's Not Just Your Computer... It's Your Life!)

You've spent years creating the information on your hard drive. It holds everything -- your email, recipes, love letters, tax returns, family photos, videos, and stuff that you've downloaded from the Internet.

What would you do if you lost everything on your computer? The baby pictures, your extensive music collection, and the novel you've been working on? What if you lost your financial records... and you got audited? Would your business survive?

Have you thought about the data on your cell phone, Blackberry or your iPhone? If your phone was stolen, or went through the wash, just imagine losing your address book, photos, apps and text messages.

And here's something else to consider. More and more, our lives are moving online. What would you do if your email, or your Facebook profile got wiped out by a hacker or an angry ex?

Here's Some Good News...

All that might sound terribly depressing, but it doesn't have to be that way. If you prepare in advance for a data disaster, you can get EVERYTHING back and move on quickly.

In "Everything You Need to Know About Backups", you'll discover:

  • How to make sure ALL your important files are backed up in a safe place.
  • Where to get FREE backup software, and how to simply "set it and forget it."
  • Online Backup - the pros and cons, free alternatives, and your privacy and security concerns.
  • There's even a chapter with resources to help you recover deleted files when there is no backup!
  • And as I mentioned, not all your important data is on your computer. Some of it lives on the Internet, so I've got tips on how to back up your Email, Facebook, and Twitter info.
  • You'll also find helpful tools for backing up your phone, which contains your address book, text messages, apps and other data.

As publisher of the Internet Tourbus, I've heard many sad stories from people who lost it all -- because they didn't have a backup. You already know you need to back up your important information.

This ebook provides you with the knowledge, skills and tools to get it done! Everything is explained in plain English, with no geek-speak or technobabble.

Order "Everything You Need to Know About Backups" now, for only $19.95. You'll save $5.00 off the regular price of $24.95 for a limited time. Offer expires May 31st.

P.S. -- This 37-page ebook is packed full of rock-solid content -- no advertising, no gimmicks -- and I'm positive you'll find it worth every penny. In fact, if you follow my advice, you'll save many times more than the price of the book. But if you're not completely satisfied, I'm offering a money-back guarantee. This special offer will expire soon, so get your copy today!

satisfaction guaranteed
100% Money Back
Satisfaction Guarantee



Backups Ebook - Special Offer
Save $5 Now on this Ebook.


Regular Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $19.95

Offer Expires May 31st

satisfaction guaranteed
100% Money Back
Satisfaction Guarantee

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