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12 Jan 2010
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Free Credit Score / Internet Security Suites / Digital Picture Frames / Google Public DNS / YouTube MP3 Converter / Geekly Update
In today's TOURBUS, You'll learn why your Credit Score is so important, and how to find out that magical number for free. Worried about spam, viruses and spyware? Learn about Internet Security Suites. Also, I've got tips on buying a Digital Picture Frame for yourself, or your non-techie Grandma.

Don't know the difference between a nametag and a nameserver? Read up on Google Public DNS and see if it can speed up your surfing. Get the scoop on using a YouTube to MP3 Converter, to rip the audio track from a YouTube video, and grow your brain three sizes with the latest Geekly Update. Read on!


Free Credit Score
Your credit score is one of the most important numbers in your life. This one number summarizes your creditworthiness, and it's the first thing lenders look at when you apply for a loan, and often the last. Your credit score can make a difference of several hundred dollars a month in your mortgage or car payment. But do you know what your credit score is right now?

Learn the difference between a credit report and a credit score, and how to find out your credit score, for free...

Which Internet Security Suite is Best?
A reader asks: "My free trial of McAfee antivirus is about to expire. I've been looking at Internet Security Suites, but there are so many options that my head is spinning. What should I look for in an Internet security suite?" Internet Security suites guard against a wide spectrum of threats to your privacy, and the integrity of your computer.

Here are your options for free, paid and roll-your-own Internet security suites...

Which Digital Picture Frame Should You Buy?
Another reader wants advice on digital photo frames: "I want to give my mother a digital picture frame, but she's not so tech savvy. What do you recommend that works well and is easy to use?" It's wise to consider who will use the digital frame before you buy a fully tricked out one. Does it really need wifi, clock, calendar and music? What about the resolution, viewing angle and usability?

Here's some advice on selecting the right digital picture frame...

Google Public DNS
Google recently announced its Public DNS service, which provides an alternative Domain Name Service (DNS) for any user connected to the Internet. What is DNS, and why would you want a new one?

Read on to find out why using this service could speed up your web surfing and provide other benefits as well...

YouTube to MP3 Converter
You can find a video or audio file of almost any song or subject on YouTube. But you can't directly download a file from YouTube and save it on your hard drive. However, there are some sneaky ways to save Youtube content as an MP3 file that can be played on your computer, MP3 player or as a ringtone on your mobile phone.

Here's how to convert the audio portion of a YouTube video into MP3 format...

Geekly Update January 12
Skype is bring HD-quality video calling to a big screen TV near you. Should you buy stock in cosmetics firms? Who is Alfred Hightower, and why did his World of Warcraft habit land him in the slammer? And a new survey shows that that 74% of American adults now use the Internet. What the heck does the other 26% do?

Get answers to these burning questions and more, in the most recent installment of the Geekly Update...

Send a Free Fax
Learn how to send and receive faxes for free, using online fax services.
Free Credit Reports
Protect yourself from Identify Theft -- here's how to get three free credit reports each year.
Make Windows Run Faster
My special recipe to clean the goo out of your computer's pipes, so Windows will start quicker and run more reliably.
Online Backup
Online backup services help you create an off-site backup copy of your important files.
Free Anti-Virus Software
Staying safe online doesn't have to cost big bucks. Here are my picks for the best FREE anti-virus software.

Free PC Matic - Performance & Security Scan

PC Matic is a collection of award winning PC Pitstop technologies in one integrated architecture.

No other product on the market today will do as much to improve the overall performance, security & stability of your PC.

Run a Free PC Matic Scan Now!


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That's all for now, see you next time!
-- Bob Rankin
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