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10 May 2010
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Is Online College Better? / Email Marketing / Digital Signatures / Make a Bootable USB Drive / What is Forex? / Geekly Update / Convert DVD to AVI
In today's TOURBUS, we'll delve into Online College, and compare it to a traditional campus-based experience. I've also got some tips on getting started with Email Marketing, and the scoop on how Digital Signatures work.

Next, you'll find my guide to creating a Bootable USB Flash Drive, and a warning about online Forex Scams. Don't miss this week's Geekly Update, and learn how to Convert DVD Video to AVI Format. Read on!


Online College: The Right Choice?
Many people are turning to online college courses for personal improvement and professional development. I've written before about the variety of free online college courses that are available, but it's also quite possible to get fully accredited college degree by taking online college courses. But how does it compare to traditional, on-campus living and learning?

There are many pros and cons of online college. Here's some help in deciding...

Email Marketing
If you have anything to sell, you really must incorporate email marketing into your online marketing strategy. A savvy email marketing campaign can bring you new customers, increase repeat business, and boost profits enormously. But... the cheapest way to launch an email marketing campaign is also the worst.

Doing email marketing the WRONG way can bring down the wrath of the Internet upon you and have the worst possible effects on your business. Here's how to do it right...

How Do Digital Signatures Work?
Your handwritten signature is a legal instrument that verifies the authenticity of a document, or your acceptance of and agreement to the terms of a contract. But you need something tangible to sign -- a piece of paper, a bit of tree bark, or a clay tablet, something you can lay your hands on -- right? Not any more.

Digital signatures have evolved to serve the legal purpose of authenticating documents, but how do you "sign" something that only exists as a pattern of bits on a hard drive? Here's how it works...

How to Create a Bootable USB Flash Drive
When your hard drive won't boot, you need an emergency backup operating system on a bootable removable medium. CDs or DVDs fill that role most of the time. But optical media has its drawbacks - the disks are bulky and fragile. It may not boot when you need it desperately. Or it may be at home in the drawer.

But a USB flash drive is the perfect portable storage medium for an emergency bootable disk image. Here's how to make a reliable boot disk on a flash drive, to use when hard drive problems arise...

What is Forex?
Forex is short for "foreign exchange" and it refers to the biggest, freest marketplace in the world: the global trading of different nation's currencies or money. It's sometimes abbreviated "FX" but don't confused that with the gamer's terms for "effects." Forex is no game; it's about very real, very large sums of money.

But there are a lot of games involving forex being played on the Internet. Be careful; the rules are not always what they seem to be...

Geekly Update May 4
Are the Boy Scouts giving up on campfires and handing out merit badges for video game prowess? Which Internet provider was just handed the Golden Poo award for providing poor service and high prices? And is Flash video support finally here for Android and Nokia phones?

Get answers to these questions, and 146% more attaboys, just by reading the most recent installment of the Geekly Update...

How to Convert DVD Video to AVI Format
Although you can "rip" a DVD free of its copy-protecton and copy it to your hard drive, this technique has some drawbacks. In its native uncompressed form, DVD data takes up a lot of disk space; 4 to 5 gigabytes for a typical movie. DVD data is stored on disc in a complex assortment of obscurely-named files, and you can't easily edit a DVD movie in its native format.

These drawbacks are overcome to a great extent by converting DVD data to AVI format. Here's how...

Free Credit Reports
Protect yourself from Identify Theft - here's how to get 3 free credit reports each year.
Send a Free Fax
Learn how to send and receive faxes for free, using online fax services.
Online Backup Services
Create an off-site backup copy of your important files.
Magic Jack Phone
Magic Jack is a device that plugs into your PC for cheap phone service. Is it a scam, or does it do what it promises?
Free AntiVirus Software
Staying safe online doesn't have to cost big bucks. Here are my picks for the best FREE anti-virus software.


Free PC Matic - Performance & Security Scan

PC Matic is a collection of award winning PC Pitstop technologies in one integrated architecture.

No other product on the market today will do as much to improve the overall performance, security & stability of your PC.

Run a Free PC Matic Scan Now!


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That's all for now, see you next time!
-- Bob Rankin
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