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21 JUN 2010
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Memory Upgrades / Website Performance / Email Delivery Tracking / Geek Accessories / Online Virus Scanners / The Geekly Update
In today's TOURBUS, I'll demystify the process of Upgrading Your Memory. If you're a webmaster, I've got some tips to help you test and Improve Website Performance. And do you have email delivery angst? Find out if Email Delivery Tracking Programs can do what they promise.

Got a geek or gadget lover in your life? Here's the scoop on the best websites for Geek Gifts and Accessories. Also, find out if using a Free Online Virus Scanner is a smart move. And don't miss the latest Geekly Update. It's guaranteed to make you smarter -- without the annoying pocket protector. Read on!


How to Upgrade Your Memory
If there's not enough RAM memory available, your computer will slow down. Adding more memory to your computer is usually the most cost-effective way to get a significant performance boost. But choosing the right RAM for your computer, and finding the right amount at the lowest price, is often a mysterious challenge.

A memory configurator can help you get find the memory you need. Here's how to upgrade your memory...

Test and Improve Your Website's Performance
A newly designed website is like a shiny clean car. It looks great but you don't know how good it really is until you test-drive it in real-world conditions. There's nothing worse than sending away paying customers with a 'Server Too Busy' error message, or a site that loads so slowly it makes visitors yearn for the experience of watching paint dry on a wall.

It's very important to test the performance of your website before it must endure heavy traffic. Read on to learn how to test, tweak and tune your website for optimal performance...

Email Delivery Tracking - Does it Work?
You send an email to a friend, acquaintance, or business contact. Perhaps you ask a question in it. But you get no reply. Do you send another email asking, "Did you get the first email?" What if that annoys a potential customer? You can spend a lot of time wondering and even worrying about whether your email got lost or was read.

But how can you get an email return receipt, or delivery confirmation that an email was read? Get the scoop on email tracking...

Geek Gifts and Accessories
Geek accessories are rapidly overtaking power tools as the preferred gift for guys. Yes, as humanity evolves geeks are actually gaining an edge in the breeding department over cavemen. And there are plenty of girl geeks too! Many websites are devoted to helping geeks impress, inform, and inspire one another with the latest geek accessories.

Odds are there's a gadget lover on your current gift-shopping list. Here's where to find the best geek gifts and accessories...

Free Online Virus Scanners
An online virus scanner is a program that can examine your computer for viruses and other malware, right in your web browser. But even when you're not looking for a virus scanner, sometimes they seem to pop up out of nowhere, with scary messages like "Alert! Your PC may be infected!"

What are free online virus scanners, are they safe, and should you be using one? Read on to find out now...

The Geekly Update
Do you suffer from Starbucks Anxiety Syndrome? It's the paralyzing fear that you might flub up the lingo while ordering, and suffer the scorn of an uppity barista. Once I was in line behind a guy who ordered a 'Dunkaccino' in Starbucks -- I'll say no more. But at least the wifi is free and easy at Starbucks, starting July 1st.

Find out what else is new in the tech world by reading the latest Geekly Update, and get two free JPEGs...

Free Credit Reports
Protect yourself from Identify Theft - here's how to get 3 free credit reports each year.
Send a Free Fax
Learn how to send and receive faxes for free, using online fax services.
Free Online College
Everyone knows that college is not cheap. But did you know that some college courses are free, online?
Magic Jack Phone
Magic Jack is a device that plugs into your PC for cheap phone service. Is it a scam, or does it do what it promises?
Free AntiVirus Software
Staying safe online doesn't have to cost big bucks. Here are my picks for the best FREE anti-virus software.

Free PC Matic - Performance & Security Scan

PC Matic is a collection of award winning PC Pitstop technologies in one integrated architecture.

No other product on the market today will do as much to improve the overall performance, security & stability of your PC.

Run a Free PC Matic Scan Now!


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That's all for now, see you next time!
-- Bob Rankin
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