From:         Bob Rankin 
Subject:      TOURBUS - 14 Sep 04 - Pets in Cyberspace


The Internet Tourbus - U.S. Library of Congress ISSN #1094-2239
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Hi All! In today's issue of TOURBUS, we're inviting cats, dogs and other friendly critters to join us in finding the best websites for and about pets. We'll cover pet health, training tips, travelling with Fido & Fluffy, and other cool pet sites you won't want to miss.


PETSWELCOME - If you've ever been burned by the "Sorry, we don't accept pets" experience, PetsWelcome can help. The site lists hotels, apartments, ski resorts, campgrounds, and even amusement parks that are pet friendly throughout the world.

HEALTHY PET - from the American Animal Hospital Association is a source for accurate, entertaining pet care information.

CARE4ANIMALS - The American Veterinary Medical Association offers information about selecting a pet, animal health & safety, pet loss, and veterinarians.

PETSMART - An online destination for pet supplies, health, behavior, nutrition and training information. PetSmart is a pet store, so you will find LOTS of pet supplies, toys and other products for sale here. But there are also a lot of great articles in the right-hand column of each page.

IVILLAGE PET CHANNEL - A community for pet lovers. Animal tales, care tips, pet chats and more. Check out the Pet Adoption Center, Pet Name Finder and the Pet Symptom Solver.

REC.PETS - In Usenet discussion groups, you can find thousands of people talking about all aspects of pet ownership. Here's an easy web-based interface to the rec.pets newsgroups, via Google Groups:

DOG BREED INFORMATION CENTER - Photos of every breed are listed, plus just about anything a prospective owner needs to know about a particular type of dog.

CFA - The Cat Fanciers' Association boasts the the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats. At this site, you'll find information on cat breeds & care, cat shows, and a showcase of top winning cats.

EXOTIC PETS - Enough with the dogs and cats already!'s guide to the care of exotic pets covers rabbits, ferrets, reptiles amphibians, rodents, pigs, and icky bugs.

VIRTUAL PET CEMETERY - is the world's best-known online burial ground. If you wish to immortalize your dearly departed pet in the tombs of cyber-space for eternity, here is your chance.

The Internet Tourbus - U.S. Library of Congress ISSN #1094-2239
Copyright © Bob Rankin and Patrick Crispen - All rights reserved

That's all for now, I'll see you next time! --Bob Rankin

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