From:         Bob Rankin 
Subject:      Tourbus - 24 Aug 04 - Pop Quiz!


The Internet Tourbus - U.S. Library of Congress ISSN #1094-2239
Copyright © Bob Rankin and Patrick Crispen - All rights reserved

How much do you know about the Internet? Take the quiz in today's issue and find out what your Net-Q is. The asterisks at the end of each question indicate the difficulty level. Some will require a little creative web searching. Many of the answers can be found in the TOURBUS archives, which can be accessed here:


A three letter acronym for the address of a document on the World- Wide Web. (*)

The lobbying group that shut down popular music-sharing website Napster. (**)

These infamous Arizona lawyers wrote the book on Spam in 1994 (**)

A tool one uses to login to another computer on the Internet. (**)

A mailing list manager with a military moniker. (**)

An escalating sequence of rude or angry newsgroup postings. (*)

How many food items are mentioned in the TOURBUS FAQ? (**)

What does an ASCII artist use for a paintbrush? (**)

A meat-eating email snooper. (**)

He created a "pretty good" piece of encyption software. (***)

The organization that oversees domain names and their numeric address assignments. (**)

Thousands of these Q&A documents can be found on Usenet. (*)

The company that became infamous (twice) for imposing a "GIF Tax". (***)

A rodent that troubled University of Alabama computers, and was made a legend by ROADMAP author Patrick Crispen. (*)

A beverage and a technology that can jazz up a web page. (**)

This "Zen Man" and doer-of-good-Net-deeds had a brush with death in 1994. (***)

A person who has the power to approve or disapprove postings in newsgroups and mailing lists holds this title. (*)

What Emily Post would talk about on Usenet. (*)

This Internet pioneer is author of "elm" and fond of poodles. (***)

This set of extensions to the RFC822 mail specification allows users to transmit images and sound via e-mail. (***)

What does the acronym JPEG stand for? (**)

What is the highest price ever paid for an Internet domain name? (**)

Yang and Filo skipped school for this venture. (***)

The first hacker to appear on an FBI "Most Wanted" poster. (**)

What does the acronym HTTP stand for? (**)

The Web turned this furry little guy into info-highway roadkill. (**)

Which Internet search engine uses pigeons to process search queries? (**)

Duplicate bovines, and a place to download Internet software. (**)

A series of messages on the same topic, in an online discussion. (*)

From what two words is "modem" derived? (**)

Where does Ima Lyer live, and what is her favorite snack? (***)

This repository of U.S. goverment information bears the name of the 3rd U.S. President. (**)

He invented the World-Wide Web to facilitate the sharing of information amongst physicists. (***)

Hardware and/or software designed to keep network snoopers out. (**)

Annoying chat room automatons. (***)

A tool that sends your keywords to several search engines and combines the results. (**)

Their quest is to bring public domain classics online for posterity. (**)

Often called the father of the Internet, he helped to develop TCP/IP and other network foundations. (***)

Originally Netscape's reptilian mascot, now an open-source browser project. (**)

The number of people killed by the Klingerman Virus in 2000. (*)

Which of the following acronyms refers to a human-edited directory of the Web maintained by a global community of volunteer editors -- ICAN, DMOZ, YHOO or IDIR? (**)

All Your Base Are Belong to what? (**)

According to the latest demographic survey, what percentage of TOURBUS riders are aged 55 and over? (*)

If you have a file on your PC named JDBGMGR.EXE, and its icon is a teddy bear, is it a virus? (**)

What web search tool was created by a twelve year old Himalayan mountain goat named Daphne? (***)

What is on the license plate of Gail Katagiri's Toyota 4Runner? (**)

Can you really donate food to hungry people just by clicking on a little yellow button? (*)

What European country was mentioned on the Yahoo home page on October 22, 1996? (***)

In 1995, how did the Vicarious Netizen access the Web? (**)

Figure Your Net-Q

Want the answers? Go to For each correctly answered question, total up the number of stars and then multiply by 2 to calculate your Net-Q. (Maximum score: 200)

   Score    Rating
   _______  __________________
   181-200  CyberGuru
   161-180  Net.Geek
   141-160  Seasoned Surfer
   121-140  Just Cruisin'
   101-120  Newbie
   000-100  Get a Modem, Dude!

The Internet Tourbus - U.S. Library of Congress ISSN #1094-2239
Copyright © Bob Rankin and Patrick Crispen - All rights reserved

That's all for now, I'll see you next time! --Bob Rankin

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