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11 Aug 2009
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Router Security / Cosmic Crud / Blackberry Music / Netbook vs. Laptop / ATM Scams
In today's TOURBUS, you'll find out if your high-speed Internet Router is an open door to hackers, and is your Computer Just Tired? Here's an easy fix for many computer problems. If you have a Blackberry, you'll want to read about some cool apps for mobile music. And if you're a little confused about whether you should buy a Netbook Or Laptop, here's help. I've also got some critical info to protect you from ATM Scams, and a new Geekly Update. Read on!

Is Your Router Secure?
Your router is the box that feeds your high-speed internet connection into your computer. But if it's not properly secured, Evil Hackers may be able to gain access to your computer. You might not think it's a big deal if strangers can get free wifi Internet access through your router. But an unsecured router could allow strangers to browse your computer, read your email, or capture your bank account info.

Is your router an open door to hackers, crackers and wifi moochers? Learn how to secure your router...

Do Computers Get Tired?
Until recently, I would have dismissed the notion that electronic gunk can accumulate in a machine and cause it to act erratically. But a few months ago my high-speed Internet connection, which is normally rock solid, started getting flaky. I unplugged my cable modem, plugged it back in and voila... things were back to normal. So I started thinking, maybe electronic devices and appliances really do get tired, clogged with electrons, or whatever.

It turns out that there is some good science to support this layman's observation...

Listen to Music on Your Blackberry
If you have a Blackberry smartphone, there are many sources of quality music to listen to on the device. You can sync your existing music collection to your Blackberry, but some of the free, customizable online music services are very cool as well. You can get almost anything you want in the way of music on a Blackberry these days.

Here's my list of the best music apps for your Blackberry...

Should I Buy a Netbook Or Laptop?
What is a netbook? And what's the difference between a netbook and a laptop? Netbooks are mini-laptops -- small, cheap, and deliberately built with a minimum of computing resources. They rely on the Internet to make up for what they lack in storage and computing power. So what good is a netbook, if it's such a wimpy computer?

You may be standing in a store asking yourself these questions soon. Here are the answers...

Don't Fall Victim to ATM Scams
Automated teller machines (ATMs) have been around for a few decades, and ATM scammers have been on the prowl for almost as long. It boils down to a technology arms race, and one of the most common forms of ATM scams is skimming. In a nutshell, skimming turns a legitimate ATM into a tool that feeds identity thieves your card information. Today most people use ATMs to do at least some of their banking, leaving millions of people and millions of dollars at risk.

Learn more about ATM scams and how to protect yourself...

The Geekly Update - August 10
This week's Geekly Update gives you the scoop on gadgets and hardware, security patches, browser news, social networking, web tech and search engines.

Read on to learn about tax holidays, the YouTube browser ultimatum, and where to turn when your favorite site is down...

Send a Free Fax
Learn how to send and receive faxes for free, using online fax services.
Make Windows Run Faster
Here's my special recipe to clean that icky goo out of your computer's pipes, so Windows will start quicker, run more reliably, and go faster on the info-superhighway.
Free Satellite TV?
Can this software download really give you free satellite TV broadcasts on your PC?
Free Internet Security Software
Staying safe on the Internet doesn't have to cost big bucks. Here are my recommendations for the best FREE anti-virus, anti-spyware, and popup blocker software.

Free PC Performance Scan

Since 2004, over 150 million scans have been run at PC Pitstop and Optimize has become the world's most popular computer optimization software.

The all new Optimize 3.0 is an incredibly powerful tool that will now do even more to boost the speed, stability, and overall security of your computer. There has never been a better time to run a FREE Optimize scan and rediscover your PC's true performance.

Run the Free Optimize Scan Now...


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That's all for now, see you next time!
-- Bob Rankin
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