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20 JAN 2011
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In today's TOURBUS EXTRA, I want to introduce Dave Perlman - a good friend, and a very talented artist. I've been a fan of Dave's copper creations for many years, so when he told me he'd like to offer a special discount to TOURBUS readers, I said "Let's do it!"

Here's an intro from Dave, in his own words: Dave Perlman

Hello, my name is David Perlman, I am an artist and craftsperson that specializes in creating metal fountains. Some of my notable clients include Whole Foods, Hilton Hotels, several schools, hospitals, a children's museum and Bob Rankin!

I was fortunate along the way that Bob was one of my earliest customers. Bob has seen the course of my career as an artist in its entirety. He has been an advocate and a patron of my work. I am proud to say he is also one of my collectors who now has numerous pieces of my creations.

I feel blessed that I have been able to accomplish so much, and I could not have done it without the help of friends like Bob Rankin.

For a limited time only, Dave is offering a 20% discount on ALL of his fountains -- now through January 26th. Just mention TOURBUS when you contact Dave by phone or email.

Here are some of the most popular fountains Dave offers:

The Water Shrine

Water Shrine
Discount Price: $235
(Reg. price: $290)
The Tree of Life

Flame Fountain
Discount Price: $790
(Reg. price: $950)
The Flame Fountain

Flame Fountain
Discount Price: $1195
(Reg. price: $1495)
The Flame XL

Flame Fountain XL
Discount Price: $1795
(Reg. price: $2250)

I encourage you to visit Dave's website, Fountains By Design, and check out his excellent work. If you find something you like, make contact with Dave and mention TOURBUS to get your 20% discount.

That's all for now, see you next time!
-- Bob Rankin
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