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23 Nov 2009
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Thanksgiving Flowers / Erase Your Hard Drive / PCTools Threatfire / GoToMyPC For Free? / HD Monitor
In today's TOURBUS, I've got an exclusive Tourbus Rider discount code to help you Send Flowers For Thanksgiving, and the scoop on how to Completely Erase a Hard Drive.

Does your anti-virus provide enough protection? Consider adding PCTools Threatfire to boost security. Also, I've got a list of Free Alternatives to GoToMyPC, for those who need to access their computers remotely. And should you buy an HD Monitor? Find out if it's a toy or a tool. Read on!


Send Flowers For Thanksgiving
Did you know... your fearless Busdriver has another job in addition to publishing the Internet Tourbus newsletter? Since 1998, I've operated FlowersFast, an online florist service. It's kind of like FTD or 1-800-Flowers, only with better prices and friendlier service. :-)

FlowersFast offers flowers, gift baskets and gourmet food items for delivery all over the world. And since Thanksgiving is approaching, this would be a great time to visit FlowersFast and send heartfelt thanks or greetings to a special someone in your life.

To make it even easier, I'm giving TOURBUS readers a special 15% discount if you use promo code TOURBUS at checkout time. I hope you'll visit FlowersFast and try our service!

Completely Erase a Hard Drive
When you replace a hard drive, what do you do with the old one? Most people give their surplus drives away to friends or charities. Some just throw them in the trash. But what about all the data on that old drive? Even if you deleted files or formatted the drive, your data might still be readable.

Here's how to securely and completely erase every last bit of data from your hard drive...

Does PCTools Threatfire Boost Security?
You don't need to know a burglar's name to know that he's a threat to your home security. Likewise, you shouldn't need to know a computer virus's name in order to stop it before it does damage to your computer. But ironically, that's exactly how most anti-virus programs work.

Threatfire anti-virus software works differently, and can significantly boost the virus detection rate of your existing security software...

Free Alternatives to GoToMyPC
GotoMyPC allows you to log on to a remote computer, access the desktop, open files or run programs, just as if you were sitting at its keyboard. This screen sharing ability can be handy for techies solving a client's problem; people who are away from home or office; or just showing Grandma how to save photos on her hard drive.

But there's no need to pay $20 a month for remote access, when there are other tools that let you do it for free...

Should I Buy an HD Monitor?
The fashionable thing in computer monitors these days is "HD" or High-Definition. If you don't have an HD monitor the geeks will look at you with puzzlement and pity. Naturally, HD monitors are the most expensive sort now, too. But in some situations, they can actually SAVE you money.

Find out if an HD monitor is just a geeky toy, or the right choice for you...

Send a Free Fax
Learn how to send and receive faxes for free, using online fax services.
Free Credit Reports
Protect yourself from Identify Theft -- here's how to get three free credit reports each year.
Make Windows Run Faster
My special recipe to clean the goo out of your computer's pipes, so Windows will start quicker and run more reliably.
Online Backup
Online backup services help you create an off-site backup copy of your important files.
Free Anti-Virus Software
Staying safe online doesn't have to cost big bucks. Here are my picks for the best FREE anti-virus software.

Free PC Matic - Performance & Security Scan

PC Matic is a collection of award winning PC Pitstop technologies in one integrated architecture.

No other product on the market today will do as much to improve the overall performance, security & stability of your PC.

Run a Free PC Matic Scan Now!


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That's all for now, see you next time!
-- Bob Rankin
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