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07 Apr 2009
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The Television Issue
In today's TOURBUS, it's all about Television. You'll learn how to watch TV on your PC, and if you prefer to do the opposite, I'll show you how to use your TV as a computer monitor. I've also got the scoop on HDTV: Free HDTV, Broadband HDTV, and Wireless HDTV. Plus, you'll see how to turn your computer into a Home Theater. Read on!

Did you know, there's a simple gadget that will effectively turn your computer into a television set and personal video recorder? Or that you can watch many of your favorite shows online?

Whether you'd like to play your favorite episodes from a specific series or watch live shows from your favorite television channel, my simple guide to watching TV on your PC will tell you everything you need to know...

Using your TV as a Computer Monitor
Imagine... putting that big screen television set to good use as a secondary, or even primary, monitor for your computer. Although the price of computer monitors has dropped in recent years, to purchase one comparable to the size of an average consumer TV set would be quite expensive. So naturally, thoughts of using larger and comparatively less expensive television sets for computing purposes quickly emerge.

There are a number of methods that will allow you to make the connection from your PC to your TV screen. Here's a guide to using your TV as a PC monitor...

Analog to Digital TV Conversion
For 80 years, over-the-air television signals have been broadcast in analog format. But a new federal law in the USA mandates that television stations must broadcast in digital format only, beginning June 12, 2009. This article will answer your questions about digital TV, who is affected by the analog to digital switchover, and what you'll need to do.

Find out why the switch to digital, if you'll need a new TV set, and if your VCR or DVD player will be affected. Read on to see what the switch to digital television broadcasting means to you...

Free HDTV on Your PC
Even if you don't have a fancy new HDTV (high-definition television), you can still get free HDTV on your PC. HDTV broadcasts can be transmitted at up to 1920x1080 pixels. So the picture is astonishingly clear when compared to Standard Definition broadcasts, with a resolution of about 480x330 pixels. That's lower than the old VGA computer screens we tossed out 15 years ago!

This article will teach you the difference between Digital TV and HDTV, then show you how to add an HDTV tuner to your PC, and where to find free HDTV signals in your local area...

Relax, it's not WebTV all over again. Internet capable HD televisions (also called Broadband HDTVs) connect directly to your Internet router, enabling browsing the Web on your big screen, and integration of entertainment services like Netflix and interactive TV Widgets with your television.

Here's the scoop on 5 new Internet Connected HDTVs...

Wireless HD Television
If you're tired of the clutter of cables going to and from your HD television screen, there are a variety of options for going wireless with HDTV. You'll still have to plug your TV into a nearby power source, but the goal is to get rid of all those bulky cables that run between the TV and your set-top box, DVD player and other multimedia equipment.

By beaming the audio/video signal from the entertainment center to the TV via wireless, you're also free to put your HDTV anywhere there's a power outlet, move it from room to room, or even provide a signal to more than one TV, without running cables all over the house. As a bonus, you'll learn how to stream content from your computer and the Internet directly to your HD TV -- all without wires...

Turn Your PC Into a Home Theater
Are you ready to turn your home computer into a home theater system? Learn how to choose a monitor that will make your movies look good, find a Blu-ray drive that can also play your DVDs and CDs, and some awesome speakers. I also have tips on how to add a special home theater keyboard, an HD video card, and a TV tuner so you can watch live TV on your PC.

If you have a decent computer, why buy a home theater system that can cost thousands? For a lot less money, I'll show you how to convert your PC into an awesome home theater system at about the quarter of the price...

Which DVR is Best?
The time has come to take over your television. Using a DVR, you can record your favorite shows, pause and rewind during viewing, and even skip the commercials. You want a DVR like your friends, but you're not sure how to go about it.

Should you get a TiVo, a store-bought DVR, or the DVR service offered by your TV provider? Read on for the pros and cons of each...

What is Hulu?
Hulu lets you watch popular TV shows and movies online. No downloads required. No cost. We're not talking small and unheard of shows and Youtube-quality home movies, either. Hulu is home to popular network TV shows and films you can find on TV, such as The Simpsons, The Office, House, Firefly and tons more. You can view the programs in a full screen setting, but you'll need a high-speed connection.

Hulu offers a solution to legal issues and copyright problems associated with downloading and watching TV shows and movies online. Learn more about Hulu here...

Send a Free Fax
Learn how to send and receive faxes for free, using online fax services.
Make Windows Run Faster
Here's my special recipe to clean that icky goo out of your computer's pipes, so Windows will start quicker, run more reliably, and go faster on the info-superhighway.
Free Satellite TV?
Can this software download really give you free satellite TV broadcasts on your PC?
Free Internet Security Software
Staying safe on the Internet doesn't have to cost big bucks. Here are my recommendations for the best FREE anti-virus, anti-spyware, and popup blocker software.

Free PC Performance Scan

The more you use your computer, the slower it will get. Research shows, that after only months of use, your PC will be performing at just a fraction of its original performance.

Run the all new, FREE PC Pitstop Optimize 2.0 scan now and in just minutes, you'll discover numerous ways you can keep your PC running like new. Start the Free Scan Now!


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