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08 Feb 2011
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Was Your Router Hacked? / Java Vulnerabilities / Free Windows 7 / IPv6 / Geekly Update / Toll-Free Numbers

In today's TOURBUS, You'll find out if Your Wireless Router Has Been Hacked, and if you should be expecting a visit from the FBI. And are Java Security Vulnerabilities lurking in your computer, waiting to be exploited? Plus, can you get Windows 7 for Free? Find out...

Have you heard? The Internet Is Full... Go Away! What's the problem, and do you need to do anything? Also in this issue, the latest Geekly Update, guaranteed to make you smarter; and the scoop on how to Get a Toll-Free Number. Read on!


Has Your Wireless Router Been Hacked?
FBI agents held Malcolm Riddell against the wall and asked him why child pornography was flowing through his wireless router's Internet connection. For a few tense hours, Riddell faced the possibility of felony charges, prison time and permanent sex offender status. And it was all because his wireless router had been carelessly left open to hackers.

Has your wifi router been hacked? Here's how to find out...

Java Security Vulnerabilities
Just like in a good mystery, the culprit is always the last one you suspect. Most people think spam is the biggest threat to their online security. Actually, the volume of spam is declining worldwide and spam filters do an excellent job. But hackers are busy launching a barrage of attacks against holes in another, unassuming program that is probably installed on your computer right now.

Even if you keep your Java updated, you might be vulnerable...

Can You Get Windows 7 for Free?
A reader asks: "I've heard there are ways to get a free copy of Windows 7, but I don't want to break any laws, or get a hacked version from some file sharing site. Can I really get a free, legal copy of Windows 7?" Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, and is becoming increasingly obsolete.

But that doesn't necessarily mean you have to BUY a copy of Windows 7. Here's the scoop on how you might be able to get it for free...

The Internet Is Full... Go Away!
You probably know that every computer, router, smartphone, coffee maker, and other device connected to the Internet is assigned a unique IP address, which is used to deliver data to it and identify the origin of data that it sends. Without an IP address, you can't get on the Internet.

What you may not know is that the world is almost out of IP addresses. Here's why you don't need to worry, probably...

Geekly Update - 03/07 Feb 2011
Remember that woman who fell into a fountain at the mall while texting? Turns out she's not alone. Find out how many pedestrians ended up in emergency rooms because they were talking or texting on their cell phones. Oh, and can you use your Android phone to control satellites orbiting the Earth?

Find out in the latest edition of the Geekly Update, guaranteed to make you 146% smarter...

Get a Toll-Free Number
Almost every business owner would like an 800 or toll-free phone number. Customers don't want to make a toll call to place an order, and a toll-free number also lends an extra measure of credibility to a business, whether you use it as a sales line or for voice mail. But how do you get one? And is it still possible to get a "vanity number" that spells out the name of your business?

Get the scoop on toll-free numbers for business or personal use...

That's all for now, see you next time!
-- Bob Rankin

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