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The Internet Tourbus Newsletter (Turn on Images to View This Message) TOURBUS Vol 14, Number 10
04 Feb 2009
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Windows 7 / Magic Jack / Broadband HDTVs / Prepaid Phones
In today's TOURBUS, you'll get a sneak peek at Windows 7, the next big thing from Microsoft. I've also got the scoop on Magic Jack phone service, and Internet-connected HD televisions. You'll find out if a prepaid cell phone can save you money, and which portable DVD player to buy. Oh, and there may be a terabyte in your future. Read on!

Windows 7 does not sleep... it waits. My apologies to Chuck Norris, but will the eagerly awaited successor to Vista be a winner in the marketplace?

Some pundits are saying that Windows 7 will be everything that Vista should have been. Others are saying it will be the death of Linux. Read on for a preview of what to expect in Windows 7...

A reader asked me, "I've seen commercials for Magic Jack, a device you can plug into your computer for really cheap phone service. It sounds too good to be true, is Magjc Jack a scam?"

I'll admit my first impression was that this is probably just another cheesy "As Seen on TV" gadget, and the MJ website did little to change that. Read on to see what I discovered with a little research into Magic Jack...

Relax, it's not WebTV all over again. Internet capable HD televisions (also called Broadband HDTVs) connect directly to your Internet router, enabling browsing the Web on your big screen, and integration of entertainment services like Netflix and interactive TV Widgets with your television.

Here's the scoop on 5 new Internet Connected HDTVs...

For people who use cell phones sparingly, a pay-as-you-go cell phone option can be a very good choice. Can you save money with a prepaid cell phone, or is a traditional service contract better for you?

Check out the prepaid cellular offferings from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Tracphone...

These handy devices can keep kids happily mesmerized in the car or on a flight. Even grownups can use them during a commute or on the exercise machine.

I checked out several of them and came up with six favorites, based on features, intended audience and price. Here's my list...

You can get a terabyte hard drive (1000 gigs) for under $100 now. But do you really need that much disk space? And are these monster drives as fast and reliable as smaller drives?

Get the scoop and find out if you should buy a terabyte hard drive...

Here's Your Stimulus Package...
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Send a Free Fax
Learn how to send and receive faxes for free, using online fax services.
Make Windows Run Faster
Here's my special recipe to clean that icky goo out of your computer's pipes, so Windows will start quicker, run more reliably, and go faster on the info-superhighway.
Free Satellite TV?
Can this software download really give you free satellite TV broadcasts on your PC?
Free Internet Security Software
Staying safe on the Internet doesn't have to cost big bucks. Here are my recommendations for the best FREE anti-virus, anti-spyware, and popup blocker software.

Free PC Performance Scan

The more you use your computer, the slower it will get. Research shows, that after only months of use, your PC will be performing at just a fraction of its original performance.

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That's all for now, see you next time!
-- Bob Rankin
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