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                        TOURBUS - 20 JULY 1995

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                        TODAY'S STOP: ROADMAP


Like a really bad rash that simply refuses to go away, I
am back with a brand new installment of TOURBUS (woo-woo!).

Today's TOURBUS stop actually shows you something that a lot
of you have already visited: the squirrel-infested world of
the Roadmap workshop.  If you *have* already participated in
Roadmap, don't despair -- today's TOURBUS will also point you to
some really neat Roadmap Gopher and Web sites that you may not
have heard about yet.

So what is Roadmap? Well, Roadmap is a free, 27 lesson Internet
training workshop that I developed last Fall.  There are 3 reasons
why I chose Roadmap as our first TOURBUS stop:

     1. I am a sucker for blatant self-promotion ("go me!"),

     2. There are some TOURBUS subscribers who have never
        even heard of Roadmap (gasp!) and I really feel that
        the Roadmap workshop can help everyone get a whole
        bunch more out of TOURBUS, and

     3. Next week is "Internet Week."

I'll explain the "Internet Week" thingy in a minute.  First,
let me tell you a little more about Roadmap and how you can
still participate in the workshop.

As I said, Roadmap is a free, 27 lesson Internet training workshop.
Each of the 27 lessons are in the form of an e-mail letter, and
each lesson tells you a little more about how to use a particular
Internet tool or service.  Some of the lesson topics include:
e-mail, LISTSERV, Netiquette (who can forget THAT lesson?),
Usenet, Telnet, FTP, Archie, Gopher, Veronica, and the Web.

With that said, I have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is that you can no longer subscribe to any of
the Roadmap workshop's LISTSERV distribution lists (waaah!).
Wait ... it gets worse. At this point in time, I really don't
have plans to repeat the Roadmap workshop anytime in the near

That's the bad news. The good news is that even though you can
no longer subscribe to Roadmap, I have set up a way that you can
get all of the Roadmap workshop lessons sent to you! I have placed
every single one of the Roadmap workshop's 27 lessons on a computer
at the University of Alabama, and you can retrieve these lessons
using a few, simple e-mail commands (am I a great guy or what?).

To find out how to retrieve the Roadmap workshop lessons, and
to find out a little more about the Roadmap workshop itself, all
you have to do is send an e-mail letter to


(that's "you-ay-won-vee-em") with the command

                    GET MAP PACKAGE F=MAIL

in the *BODY* of your e-mail letter.

NOTE: Simply replying to the letter that you are reading right now
with a GET MAP PACKAGE F=MAIL command will *NOT* work. You must
send a *NEW* letter to


with the command

                    GET MAP PACKAGE F=MAIL

in the body of your letter for your command to work.

After you send your letter off, a computer at the University of
Alabama will process your letter, and will -- usually within
24 hours -- e-mail you two letters: one telling you a little
more about the Roadmap workshop, and another telling you how
you can retrieve the workshop lessons with a few, simple e-mail

Cool, huh?

But what if you are allergic to e-mail? (hey, it could happen).
Well, you can also retrieve the Roadmap lessons using FTP, Gopher,
or the Web.

(A little aside: if you don't know what FTP, Gopher, or the
Web are, you are not alone.  Its really easy to get confused
by all of this "tecnho-babble" floating around the Internet.  The
Roadmap workshop helps you cut through this techno-babble and
teaches you how to USE tools such as FTP, Gopher, and the Web).

The Library of Congress' Internet Users Group has created an
FTP archive for the Roadmap lessons ("go me!" part two).
If you are hell-bent on using FTP to retrieve the lessons,
you should:

     1) Seek professional help before you hurt yourself, and

     2) Visit

For those of you who are Gopher fans, check out the Roadmap
archives on the University of Alabama's gopher server
(gopher://  The workshop files are in
the "Network Resources, Services and Information" menu.

I am also pleased to announce that dozens of sites around the
world have put the Roadmap lessons on the Web.  If you want to
take a look at some of these sites, point your web browser to
the Roadmap Homepage at
(By the way, that little squiggley thing (~) is called a tilde;
its the key in the upper left hand corner of your keyboard that
is covered with dust because you have never had to use it before).

Finally, what is this "Internet Week" thingy?  Well, it seems
that the University of Alabama was not able to give me college
credit for my Roadmap workshop (its a long story).  So, since
I can't get credit for Roadmap, I decided to take an
introductory computer class so that I can pick up a few
extra credits ...

... and next week is "Internet Week" in this introductory
class.  Gosh, I'm kind of nervous about this ... I hope I
don't fail :)

NEXT TUESDAY: ... I dunno ... ask Bob :)
NEXT THURSDAY: HOMR at MIT (web) and The Internet Wiretap (Gopher)

And finally, by popular demand ...


JAWJUH - Noun.  A highly flammable state just north of Florida.

Usage: "My brother from Jawjah bard my pickup truck."

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