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                       TOURBUS - 05 Sep 1995

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        Today's Stop: Power Tools For The Internet - Part I

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In my column for Boardwatch Magazine a few months back, I wrote about
Internet search tools and techniques.  And since it's back to school
time, I thought this would be a good time to share some tutorial
stuff with the TOURBUS crowd.

So this week the 'Bus is stopping at some sites to help you find the
people, places and things you're searching for in cyberspace.  And
you're stuck with me at the wheel all week, because Patrick is taking
time off to celebrate his birthday on Thursday!

The Internet and Your Basement

The Internet is a lot like your basement.  There's a lot of good stuff
down there, but it's such a cluttered mess you can't find anything.
However there are two key factors that make the Internet more appealing
than your basement.  First off, you never have to clean the Internet on
a Saturday.  And secondly, there are lots of nifty tools available to
help you find what you're looking for on the Net.

So let's delve into Archie, Veronica and WAIS.  Let's check out Netfind,
Whois and Four11.  Let's explore the Web with Lycos & WebCrawler and
then get plugged into some cool databases that will find it if it's out
there.  These are the power tools of the Net Literate.

Archie - The File Finder

If you could visit every anonymous FTP site on the Internet, capture the
names of the files stored there and then slam it all together into a huge
searchable catalog, you'd have Archie - almost.

If you're looking for a program, image or other file, you'll fare best if
you know the exact filename.  But even if you can only guess at a few
characters of the name, there's still hope.  Let's say we're looking to
secure the old enterprise with PGP software.  The syntax for the archie
"substring search" command would be:

   archie -s pgp

This will find "pgp" anywhere in the filename.  The archie output (see
figure 1) tells you the file's site, directory and name so you can use
FTP to pop off and retrieve it.

| Host                                                 |
|                                                                    |
|   Location: /systems/ibmpc/garbo/crypt                             |
|          FILE -r--r--r--     209679  Mar  6 1993        |
|          FILE -r--r--r--      62885  Oct  9 1993     |
|          FILE -r--r--r--      65430  Aug  3 1993     |
--------------------------------------------------------+ If you don't have archie available locally, you can telnet to any of these addresses... (USA) (USA) (Canada) (Finland) (UK) (Japan) ...login as "archie" and then perform the same search by issuing: set search sub find pgp There are all kinds of options for archie searches. Try archie with no parameters (or enter "help" if you're telnetting to a remote archie server) for details on syntax. Veronica - Your Hostess in Gopherspace -------------------------------------- Veronica is a tool that helps you search for things stored on gopher servers around the world, like Archie does for FTP sites. The team of Foster and Barrie at the University of Nevada at Reno developed this extremely useful tool, whose name is actually an acronym (Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Netwide Index to Computer Archives) and probably a minor annoyance to Archie Comic Publications. You can get to a Veronica server by gophering to, and then selecting "Other Gopher and Information Servers" and finally "Veronica". (If that link is down, try or and follow the (hopefully) obvious path to Veronica. Once you connect, you'll be greeted by a gopher menu which offers various types of searches as well as help on how to use Veronica. (see figure 2) +--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Search titles in Gopherspace using VERONICA | | | | 1. Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) about Veronica | | 2. How to Compose Veronica Queries | | 3. Search Directory by Title word(s) (via NYSERNet) | | 4. Search GopherSpace by Title word(s) (via NYSERNet) | +--
--------------------------------------------------------+ Let's go for more info on PGP. A Veronica query with "Pretty Good Privacy" as the search string will likely turn up a couple dozen hits on which you can follow up. (see Figure 3). +--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Internet Gopher Information Client v2.0.15 | | | | Search GopherSpace by Title word(s): pretty good privacy | | | | 1. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) version 2.3 release announcement | | 2. Re: Pretty Good Privacy book found in N. Calif ... | | 3. Where to get the latest PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) FAQ | | 4. PMail with PGP (pretty good privacy | +--
--------------------------------------------------------+ Note: You might want to try several of the listed Veronica search sites because all Veronicas are not equal! Some are infrequently updated, and some offer partial or censored catalogs for searching. WAIS Not, Want -------------- WAIS stands for Wide Area Information Service, and is a means of searching a set of over 500 indexed databases distributed across the Internet. The topics range from "Aboriginal Studies" to "Zipcodes" with lots of other interesting resources sandwiched in between. Betcha can't wait to try one of these... We'll start by gophering to, then select the "Search all Available WAIS Databases" item, and with a little luck we'll see a menu like the one in Figure 4. Select one of the listed options, pick a database and then specify your search words. +--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Search all Available WAIS Databases | | | | --> 1. Directory of WAIS servers | | 2. a/ | | 3. b/ | | 4. c/ | | ... | | 27. z/ | | | +--
--------------------------------------------------------+ If you prefer a World-Wide Web interface to WAIS, then try this server provided by Wais, Inc. But Wait There's More! ---------------------- If you order now, you'll get the steak knives free! Oops, wrong commercial. Well there is more in the "Power Tools" series, but you'll have to wait for Thursday's posting to learn about People Finders, Web Searchers, and Cool Databases. So grab a cup of coffee and try out the ideas in this lesson at your leisure. And speaking of coffee... ************************************************************************* :) :( ;) ---EMugs for Internet Junkies--- :) :( ;) Smile, Frown, Wink or your own favorite icon - Plain or Personalized! EMugs: $6.00 (4 for $20.00) Personalized: $9.00 (4 for $27.00) + S&H How about an EButton? Choose from 12 designs or submit your own. EButtons: $1.75 (3 for $4.75) + S&H If I use your mug/button idea I'll pay you royalties. Email to: or visit for details. ************************************************************************* ====================================================================== SUBSCRIBE : Send SUBSCRIBE TOURBUS to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AOL.COM unSUBSCRIBE: Send UNSUBSCRIBE TOURBUS to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AOL.COM Web Site : (stop in for back issues and the logo contest) Advertising: E-mail w/ Subject: SEND TBRATES ====================================================================== TOURBUS - (c) Copyright 1995, Patrick Crispen and Bob Rankin All rights reserved. Redistribution is allowed only with permission.
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