Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1995 01:03:29 -0400 (EDT)
From: Doctor Bob 
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                       TOURBUS - 12 Sep 1995

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                 Today's Stop: Money & Stocks on the Net

Today we're going to visit some nifty online destinations that just
might make you richer.  You'll learn how to get free stock market
quotes, perform currency conversions and find other investment info.
But before you get rich, you need to get smart so check this out...

*************************  MAKE THE LINK!  ****************************
 Thomas P. Copley, Ph.D., teacher of the popular Go-pher-it Workshop,
 announces "Make the Link Workshop", an eight week course conducted
 by e-mail that introduces the beginner to the World Wide Web and
 enhances the skills of the more experienced user.

 "Make the Link" will focus on how to gain maximum advantage from
 this simple to use, yet very sophisticated Internet tool. In the
 workshop, you'll learn about these topics and much more:

   * How to gain access to the WWW (and set up SLIP/PPP accounts)
   * Navigating the Web with search tools like Lycos & WebCrawler
   * Designing a home page with HTML and installing it on the Web
   * Publicizing your home page through USENET, mailing lists, etc.

 Make the Link Workshop begins on Sep 25 and runs until Nov 19th. The
 cost of the workshop is $20 US.  To get more info on Make the Link
 Workshop, send e-mail to "".  To sign up for the
 workshop, please send a message to "" with the
 line "subscribe links2b" in the BODY of the message.
*************************  MAKE THE LINK!  ****************************

Stock Market Data Online

Ever wish you could find out how your favorite stock fared without
waiting for tomorrow's newspaper?  If you're wired, it's no problem!
There are several free services on the Web that offer U.S. stock
market data.  Try these out:

  Security APL
  PC-Quote  (select "Delayed QuoteWatch")
  QuoteCom  (free, but requires registration)

And if you want a more long-term view, the MIT Experimental Stock Market
Data site is for you.  Check out:

This site offers the current day, week, and up to a full year's history
of a stock's performance.  If you know the ticker symbol, you can get
the data with less navigation via addressing like this:     - current day & week - one year history

Replace "IBM" with "MSFT" (Misfit? Microsoft?) or any other symbol you
wish to query.  (There's a list of symbols available at the MIT site.)

You can even get these by e-mail.  Send a message to
with the following line in the BODY (Non-U.S. users might have better
luck sending to, replacing SEND with GO) :


How Much is That Pound Sterling in the Window?

If you deal in international currency swaps, here's a site you will want
to put at the top of your hotlist.  The Koblas Currency Converter at

... just told me that a British pound is worth about $1.54 today.
E-mail afficionados can send the line below to one of the servers
listed previously to get the same information.


Security Blanket

Interested in securities?  The Internet EDGAR Dissemination project will
allow you to receive any 1994 and 1995 filings to the Securities and
Exchange Commission that are available to the public.  Visit EDGAR at

...but do it before October 1st, because EDGAR goes away then.  Hopefully
the SEC will have a similar free service running by then, but...

Investing in Space

One more before we roll...  Infomanage International has a page just
oozing with links to financial and investment services.  You can even
find addresses for other stock exchanges around the globe.  Check out:

Homework: Find the 1994 revenue of the 3M Corporation

 ********************  The WorldWideWeb Handbook  **********************
          For a good book on how to write your own Web files, see
                      "The WorldWideWeb Handbook"
                       (ITCP ISBN 1-85032-205-8)
     Details on the Web at

  Web Site   :
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