Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1995 12:03:29 -0400 (EDT)
From: Doctor Bob 
Subject: TOURBUS Hijacked! (Bus Trip to Petville)

                       TOURBUS - 14 Sep 1995

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      \___/ \___/  "Why Surf When U Can Ride The Bus?"  \___/

                      Today's Stop: Pets on the Net
                       by Guest Driver Dave Taylor

It'd been weeks I had been hanging at the bus stop waiting for the bus
to pick up me and my dogs, but each time it'd drive up the driver would
lean over, see the dogs, and zoom on past!  "Alright," I figured, "they
don't allow any pets on the bus."

I wasn't about to just leave the hounds, however, so I changed my strategy
and put hats and coats on the two slavering beasts, pretending that they
were my foreign cousins visiting for a few months. Surprisingly, it worked!

Now I'm not only on the bus, but I'm DRIVING!

Hahahahahahahahaha (in my best evil tone)

Well, uh, seriously, Bob asked me if I'd like to take the Virtual Bus for
a spin through cyberspace and I couldn't resist, especially when I could
talk about general pet resources on the Internet, of which there are a lot!

And so, without further ado, let's take a cruise through the wires and see
what we can find about cats, dogs, gerbils, snakes, hampsters, birds, and
just about any other pet you might have.


Our first stop is Usenet, the free-wheeling cocktail party of the airwaves,
where you can find thousands of people talking about all aspects of pet
ownership, from purchase price to vet bills to dumb pet tricks. I'd suggest
you start out with "rec.pets" then diversify your interests with:

rec.pets.birds		The culture and care of indoor birds.
rec.pets.cats		Discussion about domestic cats.
rec.pets.dogs		Any and all subjects relating to dogs as pets.
rec.pets.herp		Reptiles, amphibians and other exotic vivarium pets.
rec.pets.rabbits	Bunnys online!

alt.pets.ferrets	These guys can probably help you find info too!
alt.pets.hamsters	Pretty popular rodent pets
alt.pets.rabbits	The alternative to 'rec.pets.rabbits' for some folk

There are also a lot of specific dog groups:

rec.pets.dogs.activities 	Dog events: showing, obedience, agility
rec.pets.dogs.behavior        Behaviors and problems: housetraining, chewing
rec.pets.dogs.breeds	    Breed specific -- breed traits, finding breeders	  Info about health problems & how to care for dogs	 General information and FAQs posted here
rec.pets.dogs.misc	All other topics, chat, humor,
rec.pets.dogs.rescue	 Information about breed rescue, placing and adopting

As you can see already, dogs are the most popular pets for people to
discuss on the Internet, though the cats newsgroup is quite popular and
is probably ready to split into a couple of subgroups.

One area of pet ownership that's historically been a source of dispute and
politics on the Internet (for no apparent reason) is the care of fish and
fishtanks. Instead of something sensible like '' or similar,
the groups are actually split into the hobbyist and scientific heirarchies.
Here's the scoop:

alt.aquaria 			Fish and Aquarium discussion
alt.aquaria.killies 		Killifish, members of family cyprinodontidae
alt.aquaria.marketplace 	Buying and selling aquarium-related items
rec.aquaria     		Keeping fish and aquaria as a hobby
sci.aquaria     		Scientifically-oriented postings about aquaria

So what kind of stuff is discussed in a scientific aquarium-related
group? Here's a head's up on some of the hot topics this week:

	[M][Q] What is a maximum dKH value for fish	Philip Deitiker
	N forcer, get rid of nitrates 			Gary V. Deutschman
	RO vs. DI vs. AP Water Filter Survey  		Gary V. Deutschman
	Recommended Lugols dosage      			Don Ahee

Scintillating stuff, as you can see!


Let's move on to more fun resources. How about some Frequently Asked
Questions files? They're always a great source of the combined wisdom
and experience of folk on the net. Here's a list of some of my

Frequently Asked Questions about Cats

Feline Leukemia Virus FAQ

Dog Breeds FAQ Home Page

rec.pets.dogs FAQ

Guinea Pig FAQ

Chinchilla Frequently Asked Questions

About the Ferret FAQ
    or  gopher://

Pet Rats Frequently Asked Questions

That's just a sampling - there are dozens of other FAQ files available, and
most of them are posted each month in the appropriate Usenet groups as
listed earlier.


If there's this much discussion, it'll come as no surprise to you that
there are also lots of mailing lists about pets too. After all, pets
are part of the family, and on the Internet, no-one knows you're a ___!

aquatic-plants mailing list
	To join, send mail to ""
	with message "subscribe aquatic-plants"

   Learn about all aspects of growing aquatic plants as a hobby, both
   aquarium and pond. Discussion includes species of plants
   (identification, propagation, cultivation), aquascaping, substrates,
   water conditioners, needed hardware (filters, heaters) and
   compatibility of fish and other organisms.

CANINE-L mailing list
	To join, send mail to "LISTSERV@PSUVM.PSU.EDU"
	with message: "SUBSCRIBE CANINE-L Your Name"

   Covers a wide variety of dog-related topics, including care and feeding
   to scientific research about wild or canine populations. Members also
   talk about training, dog 'ghosts', or human-canine psychic experiences,
   and share a support network for people who have lost a cherished pet.

FELINE-L mailing list
	To join, send mail to ''
	with message "subscribe feline-l Your Name"

   A mailing list for people who have cats as companions in their lives,
   and members swap cat stories, jokes, share amusing (and sometimes
   not-so-amusing) tricks, cat care advice, and just about anything else
   related to cats and their care.

Pet-Info-L Mailing List
	Send mail to ''
	with message "subscribe pet-info-l"

   While most of the Internet is somewhat anti-commercial use, the
   pet-info-l mailing list was created to provide a forum for people to
   post announcements of new pet products, seminars, shows, lectures, and
   even information on new litters.  (MAY BE DEFUNCT)


I know I can't get away without listing some cool Web pages for pet
fanciers (or fanatics), and I'll tell you, it's truly amazing just how
many cool Web pages are out there for any sort of pet lover!

The Electronic Zoo

One of my favorites is NetVet, now know as the "Animal Archives &
Information". It's on the Web at or you can
also use gopher to connect to This is just an
amazing site, featuring their Electronic Zoo, a compendium of animal
related information, as well as a wealth of information available from
the Veterinary school at the college. From pigs and primates to marine
mammals and sheep goats, if it's an animal that might be domesticated,
it's listed at this excellent site.

Endangered Species

A fabulous site, the Endangered Species page on the Web is actually run
by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Wildlife Service
and focused on the Endangered Species Act. What kind of animals are on
their list? More than you might realize, including Sea otters, giant
pandas, bottlenose dolphin, tigers, bengal tigers, and many more
animals. This is also a good site to visit with your kids. Pop over to:

Fish Information Network

The Fish Information Network, at, is also a
remarkable achievement, with its wealth of information on all topics
fish-related, including a glossary of terms, reefkeeping information,
catalogs of marine and freshwater fish, the archive for the aquatic
plants mailing list, information about anemones and freshwater
angelfish, pictures of aquaria setup and even some movies of

Cat Fanciers Home Page

If you're a cat fan, you'll want to immediately pop over to the Web
page at MIT including a
plethora of frequently asked questions about all issues cat-related,
ranging from a schedule of cat shows to questions about cat breeds and
colors, a glossary, an FAQ about feline leukemia virus, and even
pointers to two online cat clubs, Online Feline Fanciers and the
Western Abyssinian Cat Club.

World Wide Cats

The World Wide Cats page ( is
hosted in the Netherlands, is a terrific starting point for any
exploration of feline resources on the Net. It includes a cat Hall of
Fame, the Cat of the Week, and an exhaustive list of other spots on the
Web that have something - anything - to do with cats, kittens or other

The Cornell Canine Page

Cornell University runs this terrific Web siteoffering a wide variety
of heath-related information about dogs, including questions of
heartworm, lyme disease, seizures, hip dysplasia, a discussion of
whether to spay or neuter your dog, and lots of tips on picking the
best breed. At


EquiLinQ is a great source of information about horses, and you can
find them at, from breeding to care,
riding styles to books and magazines. EquiLinQ also includes a calendar
of upcoming events, classified adverts, organizations on the net,
information on horse racing and wagering, and even the scoop on how to
travel and take vacations with your equestrian friends.


Horse fanatic Karen Pautz of the University of Missouri has a terrific
Web page offering a comprehensive place to find information on all
topics horse-related. She lists veterinary resources, stable management
resources, Usenet newsgroups, mailing lists, model horses, breeds and
associations, and even has some special information available on rodeos
and commercial equestrian resources online. Visit and enjoy:

Turtle Trax

Sea turtles -- or marine turtles -- are some of the most amazing and
beautiful creatures, and this terrific page (
offers quite a lot of information in a fun way. All species of these
animals are either endangered or threatened, and there are various
environmental threats that are explained here, along with lots of fun
pictures and cartoons about turtles.


There are also just some fun quasi-pet-related Web pages on the Internet too,
pages that are worth a visit just to see how creative people can get:

1995 Iditarod Home Page
	Learn about history, entrants, and winners to this grueling man & dog
	race held annually in Alaska.

Feline Conservation Center
	Tied to the Exotic Feline Breeding Compound, way cool.

Canadian World Parrot Trust
	Parrots are valued for their beauty, exceptional intelligence
	and ability to speak. Not always a good thing: read about it here.

Dog Genome Project
	The next step to genetically engineered pups?

Beekeeping Home Page
	Lots of info, entomological data and even recipies for mead.

Racoon Web Page
	A beautifully done Web page, with lots of info on these critters too!

Dog Bite
	The zany antics of our canine friends!


Finally, don't miss your chance to actually meet my own two dogs,
Jasmine and Karma! They're standard poodles (white and black, respectively)
and while they don't have their own home page (we're working on teaching
them how to type) they do have their pictures in my online photo album!
Check it out:


"Hey! You can't drive the bus!" "Who IS that guy?" "Ohmigod We're
All Going to Die!" "Oh shut UP lady!" "Down in Front!" "What's
going on here?" "POLICE!!! POLICE!!!"

	Uh oh, I'm outta here!  Bye!!!
                                                 -- Dave Taylor

                      *** About Dave Taylor ***

Dave Taylor is an Internet pioneer, consultant and author of several
books, including Global Software, Teach Yourself Unix in a Week, The
Internet Business Guide and most recently, Creating Cool Web Pages with
HTML.  Dave is also the creator of The Internet Mall, a virtual mall with
over 2000 storefronts.  Visit the Mall at or pop
into Dave's home page at to see his photos,
books and other fun stuff.

We're pleased to have Dave as our guest busdriver, dogs and all!  -Bob

And to keep you from suffering from Southern Word Withdrawl Syndrome, here
are *TWO* Southern words from Patrick to hold you over until his next post.


TAR - noun.  A rubber wheel.
Usage: "Gee, I hope that brother of mine from Jawjuh doesn't
        git a flat tar in my pickup truck."

TIRE - noun. A tall monument.
Usage: "Lord willing and the creeks don't rise, I sure do hope
        to see that Eifel Tire in Paris sometime."

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