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Subject: TOURBUS 10/03 - TV Listings Online

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               Today's Stop: What's On Tonite

Television... it's either the best thing since sliced bread or the bane
of civilization.  But you have to admit - it's still a lot easier to surf
the Channels than the Net.  Can you imagine having to enter

just to watch a show?  Don't laugh - it could happen if the cable
companies get their wish to merge cyberspace with TV-land.  "Honey, where's
the laptop?  It's almost time for Geraldo and I can't find the blasted
thing.  Ah here it is... now what's the URL for that show?  Oh, forget it."

It'll be a while yet before you can find your favorite show on the Web (hey,
it could take 6 weeks just to download "60 Minutes" at 14.4) but there is
already a convergence of Internet and television going on.

"What's On Tonite" (on the Web at is an interactive
television programming guide.  The goal, according to New Century Productions,
is "to add value to the TV experience by making viewers more aware of their
programming choices."

Sounds just a little pompous, but you can't deny this is one slick service.
The electronic TV listings come in various formats, including the classic
grid format, time schedule, program category or channel lineup.

Now Playing

Upon arriving, you simply click on the map to indicate what region you're
interested in, and then choose a day of the week to view.  If you opt for
the "grid" format, it's just like looking at the TV listings in the
newspaper, only better.

To illustrate, here's a snippet that from the listings for Friday, October
6th, from 6pm - 8pm:

Chan  6pm        6:30pm      7pm        7:30pm      8pm        8:30pm
----  ---------- ----------  ---------- ----------  ---------- ----------
ABC   ABC News   ABC News    ABC News   Local       Baseball

CBS   CBS News   CBS News    CBS News   Local       Dweebs     The Bonnie
                                        Programming            Hunt Show

PBS   Reading    Ghostwriter MacNeil/Lehrer         Washington
      Rainbow                News Hour              Week Review

A+E   Police Story           Rockford Files         Biography

A quick click on "Rockford Files" will reveal the following astonishing

  A+E .... ROCKFORD FILES .... 7-8pm ........Series/Crime-M
      "Battle of Canoga Park". Rockford's gun, stolen from his cookie jar,
      is found at the scene of a homicide. CC.

Hmmm... The News is looking pretty good at this point.

Gotta Have It

"Sure that's fine," I hear you say... "But I'm staying in a cheesy motel
on the West Coast and I have no idea when The Munsters are on because
you don't get a complimentary newspaper for $26 a night.  Can this fancy
tv-on-the-web thingie solve my dilemma?"

But of course!  Help is just a few clicks away.  Try the SEARCH feature,
enter Timezone: PACIFIC, Days: ALL, Hours: ALL, Category: Series-Classic
and then put "Munsters" in the Title Search box.  A mere tap on the Submit
button et voila:

  Time: 8pm Fri Oct-6
  NICK .... THE MUNSTERS .... 8-8:30pm .... series-c/Sit
      "Come Back Little Googie". Grandpa tries to turn Eddie's nasty pal
      into a rabbit.

They don't call 'em classics for nothing, pal.

But Wait, There's More!

If firing up the old web browser is just too much effort, or if you're
still on an unpaved stretch of the infobahn, you can get this stuff by
e-mail too.

What's On Tonite! LITE is a free, daily electronic publication of TV
listings delivered via Internet e-mail. It is available at no charge to
anyone with an Internet e-mail address, but you'll have to tolerate the
occasional commercial I am told.

To get your free subscription send Email to:
with a blank Subject line, and the first line of the body must contain:

  subscribe edition

Editions are: Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific

For example, if Alice Johnson, a Colorado resident in the mountain time
zone wanted to subscribe, she would send the following message:


  subscribe mountain

Adabeetdebeet, That's All Folks

In the immortal words of our friend Porky, see you Thursday!  -Bob

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