Date: Tue, 17 Oct 1995 01:35:48 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Doctor Bob" 
Subject: TOURBUS 10/17 - Free Stuff!

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               Today's Stop: Free Stuff!

Welcome back aboard!  You may have noticed by now that the TOURBUS is
parked in a new lot.  We're pleased and proud that America Online has
selected us to be a participant in their "Give Back To The Net" program.

So we've moved the TOURBUS to new digs at AOL where we have the
advantage of running on LISTSERV software and a rocket-fast server that
can pump out a quarter-million messages a day.

This means you'll get your TOURBUS quicker and more reliably.  You'll
also be able to take advantage of LISTSERV features that enable you to
search and retrieve the TOURBUS archives by e-mail.  More on that later.

And please note -  there is no need to unsubscribe from the old address!
In fact, if you do that you'll lose BOTH, since the requests for the old
address are being forwarded for a few weeks.

Here's an interesting bit of news, courtesy of the new LISTSERV system
we're on now.  TOURBUS now reaches over 35,000 readers in 86 countries

  Anguilla Argentina Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Belize
  Bolivia Botswana Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China Colombia Croatia
  Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Egypt Estonia Fiji Finland France
  Germany Ghana Great Britain Greece Hongkong Hungary Iceland India
  Indonesia Iran Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Korea Kuwait Latvia
  Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Mexico Monaco Mozambique Netherlands
  New Zealand Norway Pakistan Papua New Guinea Peru Philippines Poland
  Portugal Romania Russia Saint Lucia Saudi-Arabia Singapore Slovakia
  Slovenia South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Taiwan Thailand Turkey
  Ukraine USA Venezuela Yugoslavia, and of course Zambia!

There were 1200 users that showed up as "???", so I assume that means they
are from other planets that LISTSERV could not identify.  It's a small
universe after all.  (Stop humming, Patrick!)

OK, enough trivia - let's check out some Free Stuff.  Our first stop will
be the Usenet newsgroup titled "", a place where
people post information about free offers.  There really are a lot of
businesses that make free offers to market a product or service, and if
you're interested in something for nothing, drop into this newsgroup and
have a look around.

A related resource is the web site at

This is a nicely organized listing of offers that have come from the
newsgroup and other sources.  I poked around a bit and found:

  Free Dove Soap sample  (Call 800-404-3683)
  Free Video - Sears Vinyl Siding  (Call 800-753-7250)
  Free Premium Quality Carpet Samples  (Call 800-363-3776)

(FYI... I did have trouble getting many of the links to work when viewing
the page with Lynx, but switching to Netscape solved the problem.)

Another "Free Stuff" web site can be found at

This one's in Australia, so it may be easier to reach for some non-US
readers.  It also seems to have more freebies you can actually order
online, such as:

  Up-Time Vitamins
  Samples of 3M products
  Analgesic lotion & Emu Oil

Golly, I'm fresh out of Emu Oil - I'll have to try that one.  And don't
miss the one that says "Free $100 Cash (Really!)".

Here's one more that you can get even without a telephone: Send a self-
addressed and stamped envelope to the address below, specify your
preference of Vegetable or Flower seeds, and you will receive a free packet.

  Ace Hardware / PO Box 630 / Gwinn, MI 49841 / USA

And finally, something for e-mail addicts:  Free-Stuff-Digest, a mailing
list for announcements and discussion of free stuff available to consumers,
is a moderated, low-noise alternative to the group.
To subscribe to Free-Stuff-Digest, send the command: subscribe
in the body of a message (not the subject) to the address

Enjoy, and we'll see you in a couple days!  -Bob

P.S. - Do yourself a favor, send the command INFO TOURBUS to
       LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AOL.COM to get some helpful information
       about working with TOURBUS on the new LISTSERV platform.

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