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It is time once again for another installment from the
"Global Village Idiot" (a.k.a "me") :)

If I were to mention the words "Norm" and "Boston," what
would be the first thing that would pop into your head? If
you answered "Norm Peterson" from the American comedy series
"Cheers" ... well ... um ... today's stop probably isn't
going to mean much to you.  But, because I am a REALLY nice
guy (despite what you may have been told by those folks who
CLAIM to live in "Idaho"), I *will* tell you that there is
a HUGE collection of Norm Peterson quotes at

For those of you who hear the words "Norm" and "Boston"
and immediately think of routers, table "sawrs," and
master carpenter Norm Abram, I am pleased to announce that
This Old House is on the Web at

This Old House is an ultra-cool home renovation show produced
by the folks at WGBH Boston.  Each year, This Old House
restores two historically or architecturally unique homes
(one in or near Boston, and another in a more "balmy" climate),
and they show the entire restoration process each week on
public televison.

If you have ever wanted to redo your kitchen or bathroom (or, for
that matter, gut your house and start over), This Old House is
for you.

The This Old House homepage has a BUNCH of information on it.
If you are a TOH fan, you should probably check out the "What's
New" link, which has information about TOH's current project
(the Salem house) as well as short biographies of Norm Abrams,
Steve Thomas, Tom Silva, and Richard "we're going to have to
replace the WHOLE heating system" Trethewey.

For those of you who may not have seen This Old House but who
are interested in home renovation, I strongly recommend that
you take a look at the "TOH Encyclopedia" link.  Off of this
link you can find a wealth of information ranging from how to
install a lockset all the way up to choosing materials for a
proctical kitchen.  Also, the "Extras" sublink has some information
about some really cool new products that you can probably
order through your local hardware store (you might especially
want to look into geeting a soot remover sponge for Santa Claus
(or St. Nicholas) this Christmas).

One of the things that makes the TOH homepage special is that
it has a bulletin board where you can post your own renovation-
related questions.  Its a great place to get some tips on that
latest do-it-yourself project that your "significant other"
has been bugging you to do for the last two years :)
(it is times like these that I really begin to appreciate
the "friends" speech).

There are two things that you need to keep in mind about
the This Old House homepage, though:

     1. Time/Warner set the page up so that they could
        plug the This Old House magazine (which is available
        on newsstands in the States for $4.50), so expect
        to see a lot of plugs to get you to either buy
        or subscribe to the magazine (but even with the
        plugs, the TOH homepage is an awesome resource), and

     2. Time/Warner has some really weird URLs.  When you enter in your "location" box
        on your browser, don't be shocked if the address
        on your screen changes to something like*XYEhggAAQEJR/TOH/
        after you have connected.

That's it for this stop.

There is one more thing that I want to cover, though.  A lot
of people wrote to me and asked me what I meant when I said
that the University of Alabama had been "squirreled."  Well,
the University of Alabama has had a problem with squirrels
eating through the power lines that lead into the University's
mainframe computer center.  Its sort of has become and recurring
event ... hence my signature (and my mention of the latest
"squirreling" in my last Tourbus post).

Have a great (and safe) weekend :)


DID - adjective.  Not alive.
Usage: "He's did, Jim."

(Special thanks goes to Todd Bratcher for today's "wurd")

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