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Today's TOURBUS Stop: Employment Resources Online

There are lots of way to put it - layed off, surplussed, terminated,
fired, sacked or put out to pasture - but it all boils down to the same
thing: "Your Services Are No Longer Required."  Which of course translates
to "Your Paycheck Will No Longer Be Issued."

If you've recently found yourself in this unhappy situation, it might be
wise to spend a little time online.  You could find yourself a step ahead
of your peers by using the Internet to facilitate your job search.

Today's TOURBUS will stop at three web sites (and a couple of Usenet
groups) which contain a veritable gold-mine of information - from online
job searches to resume posting and more.

But before we get rolling, I'd like to announce the exciting


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The "Riley Guide"

Our first stop is at Margaret Riley's "Employment Opportunities and Job
Resources on the Internet" site.  Margaret is a personal cyberfriend of
mine (netspeak for "we've chatted by e-mail and said nice things about
each other") and has put a tremendous amount of work into this effort.

Margaret functions as "Coordinator of Networked Resources" for Worcester
Polytechnic Institute, which basically means "paid to surf".  Maybe *I*
should use this guide to find a job like that!  If you can't find a job
after putting this info to use, you just might want to check your pulse.
At the very least, check out this excellent resource at:

The Online Career Center

The Online Career Center is a very comprehensive and popular on-line job
search tool.  The OCC offers a large searchable database of jobs, and also
allows you to submit your resume for employers to browse or search as well.

OCC is a non-profit association sponsored by an array of companies, and also
offers info on Career Fairs and Events and Career Assistance.  Visit OCC at:

---------- is a really cool service that lets you search the classified
(Help Wanted) section of several major newspapers including The Boston Globe,
Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, San Jose Mercury
News, and The Washington Post.

Hey, not all employers are hip to the online thing.  So it pays to search
the traditional "black on white" sources as well.  And if you can do it
online, so much the better!  Zip on over to

...specify some keywords relevant to your areas of expertise, and you'll
be surprised at what turns up.  On a whim, I searched using the keyword
"Rexx" (my absolute favorite programming language) and sho'nuf there were
seven listings in the NY Times - cool!

Usenet Job Pointers

Still looking?  Check out these Usenet groups

     *       - We need someone just like you.
     *      - Sign here, please...
     *          - Sounds *really* miscellaneous!
     *       - Dump it on the heap.

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I'll pick a winner at random from the entries on November 28th.  After
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