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Would you believe that I am STILL getting letters about my
Thanksgiving "Spam" post?  Some people are upset that I described
Spam as "a luncheon meat with the shelf life of gravel" (if I offended
anyone in the gravel industry, I apologize), and others were upset
because they really liked the cookies in the Neiman-Marcus cookie
spam.  If you are in the latter group, I invite you to check out
my NEW cookie page at

With that said, here is something that may interest you:

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The three questions that I am asked the most are:

     1. "How do I get on the Internet?"
     2. "How can I find a friend's e-mail address?" and
     3. "When are you ever going to GRADUATE?"

Guess which question is from my mother :)

Actually, today's TOURBUS is going to look at the second question:
how to find someone's e-mail address.  A year ago, I wrote that the
BEST way to find someone's e-mail address is to call them on the
telephone and ask them for it.  Unfortunately, that still holds
true today.  Despite the increasing number of e-mail address search
engines that have popped up over the past year, I have yet to find
an address search engine that is 100% accurate ... in fact, prior
to finding today's TOURBUS stop, I have never found an address
search engine that is even 25% accurate.

I stress-test every e-mail address search engine I encounter by
asking it to find the e-mail addresses of the following four people:

     1. The President of the United States, Bill Clinton,
     2. My father, the Rev. Bob "Bob" Crispen,
     3. Me, and
     4. My ex-best friend.

I already know the e-mail addresses of the first three people by
heart (this is, after all, a test).  The fourth person on my list
is my "okay, search engine, you're so smart ... find THIS address"
entry :)

No search engine I have ever used has been able to find the
e-mail addresses of more than one person on my list.  The Four11
search engine, however, found all four.

Four11 can be found on the World Wide Web at

Four11 is a free service, but before you can search through their
directory of over 2 million e-mail addresses, you first have to
add your own e-mail address information into their database.  You
do this by clicking on "FIRST TIME USERS, CLICK HERE!" on the
Four11 homepage.

You will be able to search through the Four11 database immediately
after you submit your e-mail information to Four11, although it
may take a little while for the folks at Four11 to actually enter
your information into their database.  In other words, if you do
a search for yourself, don't be shocked if you don't find anything
for at least a day or two.

To keep you from having to reenter your personal e-mail information
each and every time you access Four11, the nice folks at Four11
will send you an e-mail letter telling you what your personal
Four11 password is.  The letter will also give you a URL that
uses this password to jump straight into Four11 anytime you want
(hint: bookmark this URL!).

Four11 searches are extremely easy to figure out.  The Four11
search screen has five main boxes:

     1. First Name,
     2. Last Name,
     3. City,
     4. State or Province, and
     5. Country.

A sixth box, "Group Connection", is also available, but I'll let
you play with that on your own.

Let's do a simple search for the first person on my list: Bill Clinton.
If I put the name "Bill" in the first name box, "Clinton" in the last
name box, and "US" in the country box (leaving all of the other boxes
empty), I find that there are 15 entries for Bill Clinton.

Clicking on any of the 15 entries brings up a detailed summary of
that entry's information, including name and current e-mail address.
It seems that our man Bill has quite a few e-mail addresses :)

Before you get too excited though, you need to be careful.
Remember at the beginning of this lesson when I told you that the
best way to find someone's e-mail address is to call them on the
telephone and ask them for it?  I'm going to show you why I said

If you go back to the search screen, enter "Patrick" for the
first name, "Crispen" for the last name, and "US" for the country,
you will see six entries for me.  Only the last entry (which is
my detailed Four11 entry) has an e-mail address that will work.
The five other entries all have a version of my old BITNET address
(Roadmap alumns may remember the "percent hack" trick), but I haven't
had a BITNET address since the University dropped off of the BITNET
back in April.

Four11 is an incredible service, but it is not 100% accurate.  No
e-mail address search engine is.  But if you are looking for a
search engine that is hands down better than anything I have
ever used before, check out


SEED - verb, past tense.
VIEW - contraction: verb and pronoun.
Usage: "I ain't never seed New York City ... view?"
(Special thanks goes to Jack Dohme for today's wurds)

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