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It took a Mexican restaurant and a margarita to inspire one of the Web's
most useful sites.  City.Net is a comprehensive guide to communities around
the world, providing easy access to information on travel, entertainment,
business, government and community services for all regions of the world.

Let's say you want to go out to dinner on Saturday night and then take in
a movie or concert - assuming the weather report looks good.  After scanning
the newspaper, various weekly publications, tv, radio, restaurant guides
and yellow pages, you could be too exhausted to actually go anywhere.

Kevin Altis and his friend Rowland had the same problem.  They were tired of
having to look in so many places to find information about their hometown
of Portland, Oregon so the duo created a system to make all of that
information and more available at any time of the day, from anywhere.  But
they quickly realized that their view was a bit parochial.

  (Now I hope "parochial" doesn't have any unexpected meanings...  I was
  gently told by several readers that a word I used in the January 9th
  issue was a Yiddish term for uhhh, "male body part".)

"It seemed to me that if we were going to put Portland on the Net, why not
do the same thing in cities around the world?", Kevin said.  As it turns
out, there were several other communities with an "online presence", so
City.Net took a much broader focus and now includes information and links
to cities all around the globe.

They built it, and people came.  Tens of thousands stop in each day to grab
a wire to far-flung destinations, and as a result City.Net is listed on
the WebCrawler Top 25 and Lycos 250 lists.  It made PC Magazine's Top 100
Web Sites list, and Point Communications rates them as a Top 10 pick.

Clickety Clack

You can see the impressive list of countries to which City.Net has links
by selecting the "Countries" option on the home page.  From Afghanistan
to Zimbabwe, it's in there!  Most countries listed have maps, guides, and
travel information just a few clicks away.

The "Index" option will present you with an alphabetized list of all the
cities in the City.Net database.  And if you don't feel like burrowing
your way through the country/state/city maze, try the "Search" option.

I entered "Kingston" and found a really cool website devoted to the city
that is closest to where I live.  When they get my hometown in City.Net,
I will be really impressed.  Just to give you an indication of how small
my town is, the department store has a sign prominently displayed on the
entrance reading: "WE NOW HAVE DOG BELLS!"

City.Net is a great place to find info on your own hometown, get travel
information or just explore.  Have fun...

The (Plastic) Bus

I know you were all just dying to see what that PLASTIC FRICTION-POWERED
TOURBUS that sits on my desk actually looks like, so thanks to the snow
storm last week, it's now been scanned, converted, cropped, reduced,
tweaked, colorized and wrapped in HTML.  You can see for yourself by going
to the TOURBUS home page (see address below) and clicking on the Bus.

Oh, and I mustn't forget the COOL E-MAIL ADDRESS OF THE WEEK.  This time
the honors go to:
Boboy Napoles 

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