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TODAY'S TOURBUS SITE   : Shareware.Com

So you finally figured out what MPEG stands for... And you succeeded
in downloading a 1.2MB MPEG movie file.  Now what the heck do you DO
with it?  "Simple, you need an MPEG player."  Oh, never mind.

You've probably been in a situation where you needed a particular piece
of software, but had no idea how to find it in the dark recesses of
cyberspace.  And actually *buying* a piece of software these days just
seems so utterly barbaric with all the freeware and shareware online.

I can just see George Foreman shouting "I'm not gonna pay a lot for this
MPEG player!".  Easy champ... we'll find it for ya.

Taking Your Hits

Archie may turn up hundreds of "hits" that lead nowhere, and a search
at Webcrawler et al is likely to net you more or less the same result -
endless pointing and clicking in an ever-widening spiral of links.

Enter Shareware.Com - a software search engine that specializes in helping
you find the object of your desiring.  This site doesn't actually store any
software, but they do have a database of 160,000 shareware/freeware packages,
demos, fixes, patches, and upgrades from dozens of software archives and
computer vendor sites on the Internet.

Hey, let's pop in and see if we can dredge up something that'll help us
roll that film.  Fire up the old web browser and head for

If you can make your way past all the c|net ads and logos, you'll see the
SEARCH function.  Let's select MS-Windows3.x as the category and enter
"MPEG" and "player" in the search fields.  Hey, it worked!

There's / VMPEG V1.2a Windows MPEG player / Dec 1994 / 151 K
just begging you to download him.  (Well maybe it's more of a plaintive
look than actual downright begging, but just click on it anyway pal.)

The download pages at Shareware.Com are pretty nifty because they not only
tell you the best FTP site to use, they also give you estimated download
times for various modem speeds.

Can You Turn That Down?

Hmmm, the pulsating yellow background on the search screen is enough to
melt your eyeballs, but there are some other goodies here.

The BROWSE feature lets you see what files are the most popular in terms
of how many people have download them, and which are new arrivals.  So if
you've got FTP anxiety - that nagging feeling that some really cool program
just got uploaded somewhere -  this is just the ticket.

If you've really got it bad, try subscribing to Shareware Dispatch, the
weekly email newsletter offered at the Shareware.Com site.

Here's your homework: Find the source code for a program that generates
random letter stereograms.  See you next time!

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