Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 23:55:22 -0500
From: Bob Rankin 
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Subject: TOURBUS - 27 Feb 1996 - Internet World Expo

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Today's TOURBUS Site   : The Internet 1996 World Exposition
Today's TOURBUS Address:

Howdy Riders!  Sorry the Bus is running a little late, but I was all
set to take you to the Consumer Information Center today and found the
place locked up tight.  Hopefully it's temporary, and we can visit
next week - so we'll have fun today at the Fair instead...

Ever since 1851, world's fairs have been a way to introduce people to
  new technologies.  And it's "time for a new kind of world's fair," say
    the organizers of The Internet 1996 World Exposition.

This virtual fair will last throughout 1996, bit it's "real" enough to
  attract over $100 million in resources from industry and government all
    over the world to make this a world's fair for the information age.
      Building on the theme that cyberspace is part of the real world,
        the Fair is organized into many different areas called Pavilions.

PAVILIONS are web sites of interest to the global community, and you are
  encouraged to participate.  Dream up something unique and submit your
    site for inclusion.  And it's okay to be a self-serving capitalist
      as long as your site is sufficiently useful or interesting!
        Here are some of the pavilions you can visit at the Fair today:

  Food and Markets Pavilion      (Visit Mimi's Cyber Kitchen)
  Medical Pavilion               (Check in at Nagasaka Clinic)
  World Cultures Pavilion        (Check out Mundo Latino)
  Art & Music Pavilion           (Pop over to Pixel Pavilion)
  Small Business Pavilion        (Jack in at JobCenter)

Have fun at the Fair, don't get cotton candy all over the keyboard, and
come back often - it'll be there all year!

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