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TODAY'S TOURBUS STOP    : The Consumer Information Center

The Consumer Information Center distributes millions of booklets published
by more than 40 U.S. federal departments and agencies. Their goal is to
develop, promote, and distribute consumer information to the public.

You've probably seen that awful television commercial with the guy who
comes out of a coma when his wife tells him how to save money by getting
the Consumer Information Catalog.  The commercial is a groaner, but the
free catalog they offer is really good stuff.  Oh, and speaking of
commercials, here's some more good stuff.  :-)

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The Consumer Information Catalog

... is published four times a year and distributed to millions of American
consumers. Each issue has descriptive listings of more than 200 free or
modestly-priced booklets from a variety of federal agencies. These
publications cover everything from health to housing, from buying cars to
building careers, from food to federal benefits.

The catalog is made available free through schools, libraries, consumer
groups, federal offices and in response to individual requests.  You can
get a free printed copy of the latest Consumer Information Catalog by
sending your name and address to: Consumer Information Catalog, Pueblo, CO

But why bother?  The whole thing is on the Web!

And it gets better - you can do more than just browse the catalog online.
The full text of most every booklet is available FREE at the CIC web site
- even the ones that have a price tag attached to the printed version.

The printed versions are probably only available to U.S. citizens, but
even if you're from Sri Lanka, you can visit the CIC web site and download
as much as you can carry home.  The folks at Customs will never know, I

Web Have-Not?

A quick aside here for those who don't have Web access, or those who still
think that HTTP stands for "high-tech toilet paper"...  You can access
(almost) all the wonders of the World-Wide Web using simple e-mail

If you know the URL (address) of a document on the Web, you can fetch it
by sending a command to one of the WWW-mail servers listed below:

   Address                     Syntax     Comments
   -----------------------     ---------- -------------------------       SEND  New Agora server in Japan    SEND  Another Agora in Japan SEND  Agora in USA         SEND  Agora for Russian users ONLY          GO    Webmail server in Ireland               GET   W3Mail in Germany

So to snab a copy of today's TOURBUS site, trying sending the command


in the BODY of an e-mail message to "".

What's In The Catalog?

Here's a sample of the useful and interesting things you can find in the
Consumer Information Catalog:

CARS - "How to Find Your Way Under the Hood & Around the Car" -
Instructions for 14 preventative maintenance services you can perform on
your car. Includes a helpful chart.  (How to die young: do your own brakes)

HEALTH - "Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before You Have Surgery" - 12
questions with additional follow-up information that will help you make
better decisions about your health care.  (Doc, will I be able to play
the piano after this operation?)

CHILDREN - "Helping Your Child Learn Math" - 26 meaningful and fun
activities to help your children (ages 5-13) see math as a positive and
interesting part of life.  (Wait until they hit Differential Equations...)

EMPLOYMENT - "Resumes, Application Forms, Cover Letters, and Interviews" -
Tips on tailoring your resume for specific jobs and how to score higher on
employment tests.  Includes sample interview questions.  (Probably won't
help if you're an axe murderer, though.)

HOUSING - "A Consumer's Guide to Mortgage Refinancings" - Here's help to
decide if refinancing is worth it, what the costs are, and how to tell if
the time is right. Also highlights some of the fees you can expect.  (If
a bank is involved, expect a fee!)

MONEY - "66 Ways To Save Money" - Practical ways to cut everyday costs on
transportation, insurance, credit, housing, utilities, food, and much more.
(Helpful tips like "Stop eating and driving so much.")

Take One Home

You can download an electronic version of the Winter 1995 Catalog from the
CIC site in ZIP or TXT format.  If you prefer FTP, pop over to
and grab "pub/cic/".

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See ya Thursday, we're going to visit Mickey!   -Bob

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