Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 20:09:55 -0800
From: Patrick Douglas Crispen 
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Subject: TOURBUS - 21 MARCH 1996 - What Is The Internet?

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Today's TOURBUS is going to be a tad bit short ... I have to be on a plane
to Purdue in about 90 minutes, and I realized on my way to the airport that
I forgot to write a TOURBUS post this week :)

By the way, I am pleased to announce that there is a brand new TOURBUS
archive on the World Wide Web at WorldVillage.

... although I still think that the archive's graphics (a bus flying
through the clouds) has to be a comment about how fast I drive :)

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Thanks to a suggestion by my father, I am happy to announce that I have
found a free, online resource that is the most clear, concise, and
user-friendly answer to the question "What is the Internet and how does it
work?" that I have *EVER* seen. And you'll never believe where I found this

If you have been on the Bus for a while, you should already know about the
recently enacted Communications Decency Act (CDA). To oversimplify, the CDA
outlaws the use of the Internet to distribute "indecent" material. You
should also know that several organizations, including the Electronic
Frontier Foundation, have filed a lawsuit against the United States
Department of Justice seeking to overturn the CDA.

The complete text of this lawsuit can be found on the World Wide Web.

Since the lawsuit is a text document, you *DON'T* have to have a graphical
browser (like Netscape or Mosaic) to read this document ... but, of course,
you can still use Netscape to read the lawsuit if you want. Better still,
those of you who retrieve Web pages through e-mail will also be able to
read this document with ease!

The lawsuit is pretty large (about 75K on my Mac), but you owe it to
yourself to read it. The first part of the lawsuit ("numbers" 1-27) tells
you who is filing the lawsuit, and the second part of lawsuit (numbers
28-37) tells you about the CDA. The third part (numbers 38-61), however, is
the part that EVERYONE should read.

The third part -- "The Nature of the Online Medium" -- is a summary for the
court explaining exactly what the Internet is and how it works. Using
language that ANYONE can understand (even a judge who may have never even
seen the Internet), part three is the clearest demystification of the Net
that I have ever seen. Best of all, because "The Nature of the Online
Medium" is part of a court document, and because court documents are in the
public domain, you are free to reuse or redistribute part three (or, for
that matter, any other part of the lawsuit) without having to ask for
permission. This should help the educators on the bus who have been looking
for something to give their classes :)

Well, as I said, this Bus post is kind of short. But, I think you'll see
that "The Nature of the Online Medium" is an invaluable resource that
EVERYONE should read.

                      TODAY'S SOUTHERN WORD OF THE DAY

FRAUD - Adjective. Cooked in oil...
Usage: "That Southern fraud chicken sure was good."
(Special thanks goes to Lloyd Colston for today's wurd)

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