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Ever since I saw the movie "Chariots of Fire" I've wanted to visit
Scotland.  I'm not sure I'll ever make it to the land of paisley
and plaid, but today I took an "economy tour" of my ancestral
homeland via the Web.

Today's TOURBUS stop is a page of over 400 links related to Scotland,
it's attractions, culture and history.  But before we start the tour,
here's a message from a sponsor that's touting the online medium.

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Web search tools like Alta Vista are wonderful, but too much information
can be just as bad as too little.  A search on "Scotland" just now turned
up over 70,000 hits.  It might take a wee bit longer than you bargained to
separate the wheat from that chaff, so sites like today's are great because
the work is already done by a person knowledgeable on the subject.

            The "Rampant Scotland Index" on the Web at a comprehensive collection of the best links to all things Scottish.
The index is divided into specific sections, with brief descriptions of
each link.  You can really run rampant if you check every single link,
but here are a a bunch I picked out to help you start your own tour...

Touring Around:
- Attractions, maps, tourism info

- A Dutch tourist's photo journal of Scotland

Culture & History:
- Clans, tartans, bagpipes, scotch and more

Loch Ness:
- Information on the legendary Nessie

- All about the capital city

Virtual Inn:
- Your guide to UK hotels & restaurants.  Info and reservations online.

- See and hear some useful Gaelic phrases

- Story of the Dunblane school massacre, and a memorial

Bagpipe Web:
- Bagpipe playing, making, buying & selling

Hope you enjoy your exploration.  Scots are often accused of penny pinching,
so I figured why not just gather the wife & kids around the computer and
vacation vicariously?  Might work for you too...  ;-)  Here are a couple
more money-saving ideas - check them out and be sure to mention that you
appreciate their sponsorship of TOURBUS!

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See you next time!  -Bob

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