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From: Bob Rankin 
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Subject: TOURBUS - 2 April 1996 - The End Of The South

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TODAY'S TOURBUS STOP    : The End Of The South

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I've taken the Bus to Ireland and Scotland lately, but today we're going
to the South Pole.  Patrick probably thought that "End of the South" was
a reference to the Crimson Tide's showing in the NIT, but I wouldn't make
a crack like that in public, would I?  ;-)

My e-friend Mike Peterson sent a note recently about a site he stumbled
across that just captures the essence of the Web.  I thought Mike's
description of the site was interesting in and of itself, so here you
have it, right from the source.

> Maohai Huang is a Chinese student pursuing his PhD in astrophysics at
> BU.  He is also a pretty good photographer, an intensely curious
> person and a writer who, if his English is not always certain, his
> observations are very accurate, while retaining the just-off-center
> viewpoint of the outsider.
> His webpages (a series) are of his trip to the South Pole, with
> stopovers in LA and Christchurch NZ, and Bob, I can't begin to capture
> the spirit of these pages.  You've got to see them for yourself.  His
> naive/sly/wonderful narration is interspersed with touristy thumbnails
> of photos retrievable into full-screen shots, but that download
> quickly in their initial format, so you can read his narration and see
> enough of the shot without having to wait forever.
> The photos are tourist shots, but with a clarity and color that is
> really quite amazing.  His pictures, like his narration, are a
> combination of naivete and insight that will knock your socks off
> (including a star on the sidewalk in LA of someone he couldn't
> identify, as well as a shot of him climbing a tower at the South Pole
> that someone later told him he wasn't supposed to be on).

> Like I say, I can't capture this.  You've got to see it for yourself.
> It's truly amazing.  I think if anything captures exactly, exactly
> what belongs on the Web, this it it.  People will get such an incredible
> kick out of this that it's like "My Dinner with Andre" -- you just sit
> there fascinated and amazed at this unique guy.

> I'm torn between heading for Boston to meet him, or keeping him this
> eccentric little presence on the Web...  Check it out.
> Mike Peterson (
> Plattsburgh NY

Yes, do check it out.  It's a fascinating photo journey you'll enjoy from
start to finish!  -Bob

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