Subject: TOURBUS - TUESDAY, 9 APRIL 1996

TODAY'S TOURBUS STOP: The Internal Revenue Service

   Hi again - it's tax time! If you're a procrastinator like me, you're
   just now realizing that April 15th is THIS month, and it's time to
   start cranking out those 1040's. (Apologies to non-US riders, we'll
   make it up to you.)

   But maybe I can offer you some help. The IRS is on the Web, and
   they've got a load of useful stuff there including answers to your tax
   questions, all those hard to find forms, and yes... tips on how to pay
   less taxes.

   Mark Twain witticized about death and taxes, but he was probably in a
   lower tax bracket. If your taxes are a real killer this year, maybe
   you should give the wheel a spin at Web Warehouse...

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   TAX INFO FOR YOU: is a good place to start your trek through the IRS
   web site. Here you can find out about exemptions. Learn how to
   estimate tax liability, or discover all the latest changes and
   reminders regarding your taxes.

   TAX TRAILS: is a quick and interactive jaunt through a series of
   questions that will give insight into your deductions, credits, and

   ELECTRONIC FILING: is a link with information on electronic filing,
   online filing, the special 1040-PC form, and Tele-File (you may be
   able to file over the phone).

   TAXPAYER HELP AND ED: points you to answers to your Frequently Asked

   TAX REGS IN ENGLISH: Here's a list of tax regulations in plain
   English! All the legal jargon has been replaced by human-readable
   text. I think actually they had to kill 16 lawyers to get this put
   online. :-)

   FORMS AND PUBS: All the IRS forms and instructions are here for you to
   download! I think they even have a special form just in case you do
   win a million bucks...

   Hey, just a quick word about a "tax thing" that's floating around the
   Net. If you see an offer for information on how to legally avoid
   paying your income taxes - it's a scam. The IRS is well aware of this,
   and the people who try it get laughed out of court and into the

   There's a good article on this subject in the latest Internet World
   magazine. Speaking of which, Magazine Express can get you IW and lots
   of other titles for a song and a dance...

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   Gotta run - I still have to find that shoebox... -Bob

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