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I will admit that this has absolutely nothing to do with the Internet, but
since when has that ever stopped me?  Anyway, if you are looking forward to
the upcoming Olympics in Atlanta as much as I am, you will probably want to
know that "Summon the Heroes," the official musical album of the centennial
summer Olympic games in Atlanta, was released this past Tuesday (John
Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra, "Summon the Heroes," Sony Classical
Music, SK 62592).

Summon the Heroes contains mostly classical music -- Dimitri Shostakovich's
theme for the 1980 Moscow Olympics, the first recording ever of Leonard
Bernstein's Olympic Hymn (no, not the Olympic Hymn that they sing when they
bring in the flag ... this is a DIFFERENT Olympic Hymn), Carl Orff's O
Fortuna, etc. -- and the album can be found at most major record stores.
Best of all, the first track on the album is John Williams' "Summon the
Heroes," the official theme for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games (Williams
also composed the official theme for the 1984 Olympic games in Los Angeles,
as well as the music for pretty much EVERY movie ever made (Jaws, ET, Close
Encounters of the Third Kind, the Star Wars trilogy, the Indiana Jones
trilogy, Schindler's List ...)).

And, while we are talking about folks from the Boston area, it seems that
your fearless Bus driver forgot to tell you something in last week's
TOURBUS post (Car Talk): Tom and Ray Magliozzi are not only auto mechanics,
they also have engineering degrees from MIT :)

Finally, talking about degrees, I am happy to announce that -- weather and
squirrels permitting -- I will receive my Bachelors degree in Economics in
December!  Yay me!!

Since I am going to be a poor college student for 8 more months, you can
bet that there are going to be many more ramen noodle dinners in my future!
Fortunately ...

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Most of you know that in the Fall of 1994 I wrote a free, 27 lesson
Internet training workshop called "Roadmap." Roadmap was pretty successful
-- over 500,000 people participated in it!  Unfortunately, time has not
been kind to Roadmap, and a number of the original workshop's lessons are
now terribly out of date  (after all, a LOT has changed on the Internet
over the past 18 months).


Well, I am happy to announce that Roadmap is back. The workshop has been
completely revised and updated, and starting on June 6, new Roadmap96
workshop sessions will begin every two weeks!

Roadmap96 is a FREE, 27 lesson Internet training workshop open to everyone.
Best of all, like TOURBUS, the entire Roadmap workshop is conducted
through e-mail!  The Roadmap96 workshop lessons are written for users who
have accounts on systems with a command-line interface (like UNIX, VAX/VMS,
or VM/CMS), but EVERYONE is welcome to participate! Roadmap96 will cover:
E-mail; LISTSERVs, Majordomo, Listproc, and other e-mail distribution
systems; Usenet; FTP; Archie; Gopher; Veronica; Address Searches; the Web;
and many other topics.  Since a number of Roadmap96's participants only
have e-mail access to the Internet, the Roadmap96 workshop lessons will
also teach you how to access many of the Internet's tools (FTP, Archie,
Gopher, etc.) through e-mail!


Thanks to the kind folks at the Internet Network Information Center
(InterNIC), Roadmap96 now has a permanent home ... and, as I said a moment
ago, new Roadmap96 workshop sessions will start every two weeks (the first
workshop starts June 6)!  All you have to do to participate in one of the
free Roadmap96 workshop sessions is subscribe to the Roadmap96 e-mail
distribution list!

Once you are subscribed to Roadmap96, you will receive one lesson a day,
via e-mail, for about six weeks.  Since the workshop is entirely
self-paced, feel free to take as little or as much time as you want to
complete the lessons.  In fact, almost all of the people who were in the
original Roadmap workshop just printed out the lessons and then completed
the lessons later :)

Now, before I open the Roadmap96 LISTSERV list to the entire world, I need
to ask the experienced Internet users on our little bus to do me a favor.
I need to find a couple of people who are willing to help me "beta-test"
the new workshop.  What is a beta-test?  Well, it is sort of a
dress-rehearsal where you go through the workshop before everyone else does
and make sure that the workshop "works" and does not contain any glaring
errors.  Since I am prone to spelling errors, this is going to be a pretty
big job! ;P

So, if you are an experienced Internet user who is interested in getting a
sneak-peek at, and being a beta-tester for, Roadmap96, all you have to do
send an e-mail letter to


with the command


in the body of your e-mail letter, replacing YOURFIRSTNAME and YOURLASTNAME
with your first and last names.  The beta-test begins on Thursday, May 23,
so you need to send your e-mail letter in before Wednesday, May 22!

Now, what if you do not want to be a beta-tester, and instead want to be
just a participant in one of the official Roadmap96 workshop sessions?
Simple.  Anytime AFTER Wednesday, May 22, just send an e-mail letter to


with the command


in the body of your e-mail letter, replacing YOURFIRSTNAME and YOURLASTNAME
with your first and last names.  Remember, though, that you have to wait
until AFTER May 22 to subscribe to Roadmap96!  If you subscribe before May
22, you will be put on the beta-tester's distribution list (and you do not
want to do that, do you?) :)

Starting on Thursday, June 6, you will also be able to view all of the
Roadmap96 workshop lessons on the Web at either


Neither of these addresses work right now (I am still html-ifying the new
lessons), but they will be up and running on June 6!

And, as always, Roadmap is free, so you are more than welcome to take the
Roadmap96 lessons (both the ASCII and HTML versions) and redistribute them
or rewrite them to meet your particular needs.  Just remember my three

     1. I cannot make any money off of Roadmap96, so neither can you,

     2. Give credit where credit is due, and

     3. If you redistribute the lessons, make sure that the people that
        you redistribute the lessons to know that the lessons were
        redistributed by you, not me.

Finally, I want to remind you: if you want to be a beta-tester for
Roadmap96, subscribe today!  If you want to be a participant in one of the
official Roadmap96 lessons, send your subscription letter in anytime after
Wednesday, May 22!

Have a safe and happy weekend!


HERBAL (pronouncing the 'h') -  Adjective. Terrible, awful.
Usage: "He's got hisself into one herbal mess."
(Special thanks goes to Barry McQuade for today's wurd)


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