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  Today's TOURBUS Stop:      TV Listings Online
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Howdy, fellow riders!  Sorry this Bus is pulling in a bit late, but I was
planning a surprise that didn't quite pan out.  Look for a special guest
edition from the HOTWIRED folks next week!

Today I've dusted off an issue that went out last October and updated
it with new info.  But before we roll into TV land, why not make a quick
visit to one of the sponsors who help to bring TOURBUS your way...

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Television... it's either the best thing since sliced bread or the bane
of civilization.  But you have to admit - it's still a lot easier to surf
the Channels than the Net.  Can you imagine having to enter

just to watch a show?  Don't laugh - it could happen if the cable companies
get their wish to merge cyberspace with TV-land.  "Honey, where's the laptop?
It's almost time for Geraldo and I can't find the blasted thing.  Ah here it
is... now what's the URL for that show?  Oh, forget it."

It'll be a while yet before you can find your favorite show on the Web (hey,
it could take 6 weeks just to download "60 Minutes" at 14.4) but there is
already a convergence of Internet and television going on.

"What's On Tonite" (on the Web at is an interactive
television programming guide.  The goal, according to New Century Productions,
is "to add value to the TV experience by making viewers more aware of their
programming choices."

Sounds just a little pompous, but you can't deny this is one slick service.
The electronic TV listings come in various formats, including the classic
grid format, time schedule, program category or channel lineup.

Now Playing

Upon arriving, you simply click on the golden doorknob labelled "Preview
Listings".  Next you indicate in which timezone you're interested, and
select a format for viewing the listings.

If you opt for the "grid" format, it's just like looking at the TV listings
in the newspaper, only better.  To illustrate, here's a snippet that from
the lineup for Tuesday, May 14th, from 6pm - 8pm:

Chan  6pm        6:30pm      7pm        7:30pm      8pm
----  ---------- ----------  ---------- ----------  ----------
ABC   ABC News   ABC News    ABC News   Local Pgm   Roseanne

PBS   Reading    Wishbone    News Hour              Nova
      Rainbow                w/ Jim Lehrer

A+E   Quincy, M.E.           The Equalizer          Biography

A quick click on "Roseanne" will reveal the following astonishing

  ABC   Tue May 14   8-8:30pm ... Roseanne ... "Heart & Soul"
        Unexpected events at the reception cause the
        newlyweds to postpone the honeymoon. CC, Stereo.

Yawwwn... That new paperback is looking pretty good at this point.

Gotta Have It

"Sure that's fine," I hear you say... "But I'm staying in a cheesy motel
on the West Coast and I have no idea when The Munsters are on because
you don't get a complimentary newspaper for $26 a night.  Can this fancy
tv-on-the-web thingie solve my dilemma?"

But of course!  Help is just a few clicks away.  Try the SEARCH feature
(which requires that you go through the free membership process), et voila:

    NICK .... THE MUNSTERS .... 8-8:30pm .... series-c/Sit
         "Herman, the Master Spy"  A Russian trawler scoops up
         scuba-diver Herman.

They don't call 'em classics for nothing, pal!  By the way, in addition to
the Search feature, joining TV1 gives you the ability to Customize TV1
listings to your preferences, view TV1 listings up to 6 days in advance
and some other cool stuff.

But Wait, There's More!

If firing up the old web browser is just too much effort, or if you're still
on an unpaved stretch of the infobahn, you can get this stuff by e-mail too.
To get your free subscription to "What's On Tonite", send e-mail to with a blank Subject line, and the word "subscribe"
in the message body.

I think this still works, even though I couldn't find it mentioned in the
TV1 site any more.  If not, well... NEVER MIND!  :-)

TV Guide Online

TV Guide, the popular newsstand item is now online (
too.  Lots of glitz and shine, and it looks like most of the articles from
the paper edition are here.  I'll tell you a little secret...  you CAN browse
the TV Guide listings online, but it's a little hard to find them!  Click way
up at the top of the page on the words "TV Listings" and you're in.

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Adabeetdebeet, That's All Folks

In the immortal words of our friend Porky, see you Thursday!  -Bob

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