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TODAY'S TOURBUS STOP    : Time & Money

Time and Money...  Usually we can't get enough of either.  So today
I've got some nifty Web tools that should help you manage both of
them better.  And along those lines, you might want to check out the
online course offerings from our sponsor...

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First we'll look at some sites on the World-Wide Web that'll help you
keep track of the time at home and around the world, then we'll try out
some currency conversion tools.

* The World Clock

The World Clock is a service based in Norway that lists current local
times all over the world.  So if you have a desire to know what time it
is in Melbourne, Montreal or Moscow, this is the place.

The convenient tabular format is updated every five minutes, and it also
points out that not all timezones are one hour apart.  Some differ by
thity minutes and others are only offset by a quarter hour!  If you're
not familiar with any of the listed cities, click on the "Cities Location"
link to view world map with the cities labelled.

* Date & Time Gateway

This service from Berkeley Software Design, Inc.  presents a different
view of the same subject.  Here you can click on a big list of cities
and geographic areas to find the local time in that area.  This is a
good site to visit if you don't know the exact town or city for the area
in which you are interested.

* Add A Clock To Your Web Page!

This is a fun one if you've got your own web page.  The U.S. Naval
Observatory operates the Directorate of Time, which is the official
source of time used in the United States.  And they've got a little
snippet of HTML code here that you can "borrow" to put a clock (adjusted
for your time zone of course) on your personal web page.

* The Universal Currency Converter

Here's a useful tool brought to the Web by Xenon Laboratories, a firm
based in Toronto, Canada.  You can use it to find out how many Lira make
up a Peso, or how Drachmas you'll need to satisfy your Yen for sushi.

But of course, if you...

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...then you could always exchange your winnings for 34,983,404 Rupees, or
maybe you'd prefer 5,037,867,520 Rubles.  Good luck!   --Bob

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