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TODAY'S TOURBUS STOP    : Name & Number

OK...  last time we did Time & Money, today we do Name & Number.  You
might expect to find tools on the Internet to help you locate your
Uncle Ed's e-mail address, but did you know that there are huge online
phonebooks as well?  You can find phone numbers and e-mail addresses
for people and businesses around the world, or maybe even locate a
long-lost friend or relative using the tools in today's TOURBUS

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Finding E-Mail Addresses

First off, we'll visit FOUR11, my personal favorite amongst the e-mail
looker uppers.  Fire up the old web browser, feed it the address

and you'll be greeted by the FOUR11 home page.  If you're limited to
e-mail, send a message to "" to find out how to search
the for an e-mail address by e-mail.

The name "FOUR11" is derived from the fact that in some parts of the
U.S., you can dial 411 for telephone directory information.  But don't
worry, this service is NOT specific to the U.S. of A.  (Some TOURBUS
riders from the UK go a little testy when I reviewed the American
TV1.COM service recently, but I think they're just jealous they can't
get re- runs of "The Munsters" across the Pond...)

Enter whatever you know about the person you're after (firstname,
lastname, city, country, etc.) and FOUR11 will do its darndest to find
him or her.  Of course since FOUR11 has a mere 6.5 million names in
its database, there's no guarantee that you'll get a match.  (There
are probably TEN times that many people with e-mail addresses

If FOUR11 doesn't find it, you might like to visit WHOWHERE at and try your luck there.  Don't feel bad if
you come up dry--I really *do* have an Uncle Ed with an e-mail address
but neither service could locate him.  :-(

Finding Phone Numbers & Postal Addresses

Maybe your e-mail address search didn't pan out, or perhaps you're
after the phone number or postal address for an individual or
business.  There's a wonderful database on the Web at

with about 100 million US residential and business listings.  Doesn't
matter if they're "wired" or not, and this one DID find Uncle Ed!  I
guess I'll have to break down and write or call him to get his e-mail
address.  You can tap into the same database via the Yahoo! People
Search at and even run a reverse
search (get name if you know phone number) there.

Oh oh.  I can see those UK guys coming up the aisle to get me, but
wait...  There's another cool website for my international friends at

which has links to online telephone, fax and business directories from
around the world.  You can do queries for all of these countries and
regions: Argentina, Asia-Pacific, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada,
Chile, Denmark, Ecuador, Europe, France, Italy, Japan, Malaysia,
Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa,
Spain, Sweden, and yes...  the UK!

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Have fun searching, and please do pay a visit to today's sponsor sites,
since they make it possible to bring TOURBUS to you as a free service.

See you next time!  -- Bob

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