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TODAY'S TOURBUS STOP : Translation Services

"Chevaliers de la table ronde, goutons voir si le vin est bon..."  Those
were the words of a song I learned while studying French in college.  If
you're curious about the meaning, the tools we uncover in today's TOURBUS
will reveal all.  And if you've been having multi-lingual dreams, you
might want to check out this course offered by Grant MacEwan Community
College, one of our current sponsors...

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 This deluxe 5 lesson course delivered via the Web will empower you to
 interpret your dreams on your own and in electronic discussion groups.
 Dr.  Jayne Gackenbach, a leader and highly sought speaker in the field
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 8th!  This $129 course is being offered at a low introductory price of
 $39 (US) or $49 (Canadian).  Register today - space is limited.
*------------------( )------------------*

It's tough enough just learning the lingo of cyberspace, but when you're
faced with a language barrier on top of that, cruising the information
superhighway feels more like being stuck in a traffic jam sometimes.
Let's take a tour of five useful tools on the World-Wide Web that can
help you to clear those hurdles.

EF Bridge

   An interactive learning and studying environment between English
   and French: look up the terms and and improve your knowledge in
   these languages. You can ask EF Bridge to translate words from
   English to French or go from French to English.

   And EF Bridge talks!  Click on the mouth next to a translated word
   and you'll hear the word pronounced, assuming you have 1) a working
   sound card, 2) the right audio player, and 3) a correctly configured
   web browser.

   I failed on all three counts, but at least I was able to figure
   out what a "bureau de renseignement" is, and why I need to go there!

LEO's German-English On-line Dictionary

   Just enter a word (can be German or English) and you'll get back a
   list of translated words or phrases that match.  For example, a
   query on "ferien" returns:

   * go on holiday -- Ferien machen
   * holiday -- Ferien
   * vacation -- die Ferien

Jeffrey's Japanese/English Dictionary Gateway

   This one translates back & forth between Japanese and English, but
   you do need a web browser capable of displaying the Japanese


   Wordbot is an experimental system for automating reference
   lookup on the web. When you load a page through Wordbot, every
   single word becomes a hypertext link, so you can click on
   any word to look up its meaning in a dictionary.

   The really cool thing is that it supports Italian, French, English,
   German and Catalan lookups.  So next time you follow a link and
   find yourself staring at another language, feed it to WORDBOT!


   EURODICAUTOM is mainly a database of official and technical
   terms, not a generic dictionary.  Languages supported are English,
   French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch and Portuguese.

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It's a small world... hopefully this helps us to understand each other
a little better.   See you next time!   --Bob

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