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TODAY'S TOURBUS ADDRESS : http://www.Reference.COM

Reference.COM is my latest toy.  It's another gee-whiz search engine,
but unlike Alta Vista or Infoseek, this one does not cover the Web.

Instead, Reference.COM provides access to more than 16,000 newsgroups
and a large number of publicly-accessible mailing lists.  What does this
mean?  It means that you can sift through every single posting made to
almost every single Usenet newsgroup AND a whole bunch of mailing lists.

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Talk To My Agent, Bud

Even better, Reference.COM allows you to create a "stored query" which
will automatically scan the cyber-soup at an interval you specify and
feed you the results to you by e-mail.

Have you heard about "intelligent agents"?  This is an example - a gizmo
that keeps an eye out for things that may be of interest to you, and
then gives you a little electronic poke in the ribs.

So what is Reference.COM good for?  If you're wondering...

  - where all the model train collectors hang out
  - what a certain person said about a specific topic
  - how to find a 1989 Ford Escort for sale in your area
  - what's being said about Disney's new "Hunchback" flick
  - the address of that French dictionary in a recent TOURBUS posting
  - who's saying nasty things about your company online

... Reference.COM can probably help you.  Remember, almost every word
posted in any public forum on the Net is searchable here.  Add to that
the ability to stay up to date on your favorite topics with a stored
query, and you've got a really powerful tool at your fingertips.

(You should also be aware of a similar service called DejaNews at which currently has a larger Usenet archive,
but does not offer mailing lists, stored queries or e-mail access.)

Take A Test Drive

So hop right on over to http://www.Reference.COM on the Web and try a
few queries of your own.  Using the Advanced Search function, you can
interactively refine your search using message header fields such as
author, organization, conversational thread, and newsgroup name.

There are also ready-made query templates which pre-select the right
newsgroups and lists for a particular topic.  Just complete the rest of
the form and submit your query.

The Reference.COM service is also accessible by e-mail.  Just send a
message to "email-queries@Reference.COM" with the command HELP in the
body and you'll get complete instructions returned to you shortly.

(You should also be aware of a similar service called DejaNews at which currently has a larger Usenet archive,
but does not offer mailing lists, stored queries or e-mail access.)

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A Little Detour...

Consistently good humor is hard to find -- on the net or anywhere else.
Here's a net source so good it's been written up by Newsweek, the
Washington Post, and the New York Times.  The LA Times said that its author
is "The Jay Leno of Cyberspace"!

THIS is TRUE is a weekly newspaper column by Randy Cassingham that's also
available by e-mail subscription. It summarizes recent bizarre-but-TRUE
news stories from the world's "legitimate" press.  Each story is
punctuated by Randy's wild and often ironic comments. To subscribe, e-mail
For more details visit on the web.

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