TOURBUS: Tuesday, July 16, 1996
DRIVER: Bob Rankin
Free E-Mail Around the World

Wow, I got quite a response to my last posting on free e-mail services! TourBus riders from around the world(*) sent me info on free Internet and e-mail services in their area.

(*) We now have subscribers from 110 countries. I'm convinced that some of you are starting your own countries and then subscribing to TOURBUS just to inflate the numbers. Don't stop! ;-)

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OK, I've boiled it down just a little, but here is what eight of your fellow riders sent to me on the subject...

Jean-Francois Fortin (jf@Mlink.NET) from Montreal, Canada, says:

> There are about 365 BBSs here in Montreal, and *many* of them are free
> and offer free e-mail to their subscribers.  Here are the numbers:
> NAME OF BBS                  PHONE     (all are area code 514)
> ---------------------------- --------
> Flash! BBS                   768-5476
> Juxtaposition BBS Line 1     364-2937
> Juxtaposition BBS Line 2     367-1505
> Juxtaposition BBS Line 3     364-9940
> Marcus BBS                   642-3186
Jan van Bruggen ( from the "land of windmills, tulips, wooden shoes and semiconductor factories", says:
> Over here in The Netherlands, we also have free email acces.
> We have these projects called "digital cities". Some of the bigger cities
> have installed a server on which you can get a free account.
> These digital cities have a coule of features, like MOO's, usenet
> groups, IRC channels etc.  On DDS (Amsterdam) you can Email to the whole
> world, but on others you can only mail to the .nl domain.
> URL's :  HTTP://   (Digitale stad Amsterdam)
>          HTTP://   (Digitale stad Eindhoven)
Pete Juds ( from Tokyo, Japan, says:
> There is a server in Japan called IAC Online which has offered free email
> since (as far as I know) it's establishment.
> Users in Japan have to pay fairly high prices. I myself pay =A55,000 
> yen - don't know if you can read the sign?) which is just short of $50 per
> month. This gives unlimited access and 5MB of disk space for web pages but
> local phone calls cost a fortune - 20 hours is about another $50.
Rudo Prager ( from Vienna, Austria, says:
> There is a free e-mail service in Austria. It is called BlackBox.
> Anybody who registers after dialling into their Vienna node gets an
> e-mail address ( The catch: none if you are happy
> with e-mail only. But they hope that you eventually subscribe to their 
> services for a basic fee of $ 8 per month.
Raul Schlegel ( from Geneva, Switzerland says:
> A friend of a friend of mine uses Freenet in Finland for free-mail.
> I don't know what you do to have an account, but their URL is
Ariella Bayer ( from Tel Aviv, Israel, says:
> Hi bob,
> There's another free-email sevices within the web:
Pat Drummond ( form Ontario, Canada, says:
> Ottawa, Ontario has a free ISP with e-mail supported by advertising called
> The service is funded completely by advertising -- the
> one-time registration fee of $20 (about $15 U.S.) was to appease the
> advertisers.
> Free full Internet access is available.  E-mail is available as an option
> (added recently because the advertisers want people to contact them!).
> URL:
And Orrin Kerr (, also from Ottawa, adds:
> There is another reason for a Freenet address other than the cost.  And
> that is a reasonably steady e-mail address.  In the past year, my
> brother's e-mail address has changed once and another friend's address
> has changed twice as ISPs come and go.  I urge my friends to get a Freenet
> membership where ever they are and no matter which ISP they are using.
> Then they can set the mail forwarding address to the ISP/mail server/
> address that they are currently using.

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Hey, DID YOU KNOW... You don't have to enter the "http://" prefix on Web URLs if you use the Netscape browser? See you next time! -Bob
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