TOURBUS: Thursday, July 18, 1996
DRIVER: Patrick Crispin
@LANTA 96!

"Which would you rather be -- a victor in the Olympic games,
or the announcer of the victor?"

From Plutarch, Apothegems, Themistocles

I'd rather be the announcer. At least the announcer's booth is air conditioned. :)

As millions of people descend upon @lanta (get it?) for tomorrow's start of the Olympic games -- and as these millions of people suddenly realize that Hot-lanta is only two inches away from the surface of the Sun -- smart people like you and me are going to be sitting in our air-conditioned homes watching the Olympics on TV.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to take 16 days off to watch every minute of Olympic coverage. That's where today's TOURBUS comes in. Today we are going to pull our little bus of Internet happiness over at a couple of the best Olympic sites online. These sites should help you get your daily Olympics "fix" while you are at work or at school.

Before we start today's tour, however, let's pay a few bills ...

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Thanks to the kind folks at IBM, the Centennial Olympic Games has an official homepage on the World Wide Web at

This homepage is probably the first place you should look for the latest information about, and results from, the Olympics. During the Games, the information on this page is going to be updated more times than you could ever possible imagine!

My favorite part of the Olympic homepage is the "Hot News" section which you can reach by clicking on the "Hot News" icon or by pointing your Web browser directly to

This page is *THE* source for official Olympic results, announcements, press releases, and statements. For example, I am sure that a couple of you are wondering how the recent TWA incident (if you haven't heard, a TWA 747-100 bound for Paris exploded off the New York coast last night) affects the security of the Games. Well, thanks to the "news" page, I found the official Olympic response:

     (Atlanta, GA) --The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games
     (ACOG) has received several inquiries regarding whether
     security policies for the 1996 Olympic Games will be changed
     following last night's TWA accident.

     ACOG believes that its security team, along with the various
     federal, state and local law enforcement agencies has put in
     place a strong security program that will ensure the safety of
     Olympic visitors. However, ACOG will continue to monitor the


Stateside television coverage of the Olympic games will be handled by the NBC television network. Accordingly, NBC has set up their own Olympics site at

This is actually a *really* nice site. The NBC Olympic site has a whole bunch of neat sections, such as

  • Day-by-Day/ Hour-by-Hour -- Live daily reports from the front line of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta.
  • The Latest -- Daily Olympic news summaries from wire services .
  • Interactive Poll -- A daily, online poll on the most intriguing Olympic issues.
Again, once the Games start tomorrow, look for this page to be updated several times a day.

F@n M@ail

Want to drop a line to your favorite Olympians? Check out IBM's "F@n M@ail" service at

This site lets you send messages to your favorite Olympic athlete, to your favorite Olympic team, or even to every single Olympian in Hot-lanta. The F@n M@ail page also has links to several of the athletes' personal homepages (just click on the words "Web pages that you can check out") and new personal Web pages are appearing every hour!

Yahoo's Olympic Scorecard

If you have been on the bus for a while, you will have probably noticed my strong bias towards Yahoo! Well, not wanting to break a trend, one of the best "news" pages devoted solely to the Olympics can be found at

This page is set up a little like a "My Yahoo!" page with the news on the right hand side of the page, but the page also has links to information about every sport at the Olympics as well as to the medal counts and schedules.

That's it for today! Have a safe and happy weekend!


BARN - verb.  To obtain with a promise to repay.
LYNDON - verb. To disburse with the hope of repayment

Usage:  "Thar are two jobs that a bank duz: barn and lyndon."

(Special thanks goes to Lee Hartman for today's wurds)


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