TOURBUS: Tuesday, September 3, 1996
DRIVER: Bob Rankin
TOURBUS Rider Survey

As I mentioned last week, here is the TOURBUS Rider Survey. I hope you can take just a few minutes to answers these 10 questions. Since we have about 75,000 readers from 115 countries "on the Bus", the results should give us quite a good picture of who is using the Net and why. We'll share the results here in about a week, so please send in your survey as soon as possible - thanks!

A special thanks go to Beach Tech for processing this survey. For more information about their service, contact SALES@BEACHTECH.COM or HTTP://WWW.BEACHTECH.COM


All survey responses MUST be sent to TOURBUS@BEACHTECH.COM If your e-mail program is well-behaved, just using your "Reply" feature will start a new message to that address with the survey questions in the message body, ready for you to type your answers.

Note: If your software does not automatically include a copy of the old message in the reply message, you can use a "cut & paste" operation to get the survey text into your outgoing message. Another idea is to save the survey text to a file, then copy it into your reply message. Every e-mail program works differently, and I can't possibly provide 75,000 people with individual assistance, so please try to figure it out yourself or ask someone who uses the same software!

In any case, your message MUST be addressed to TOURBUS@BEACHTECH.COM Check the "To:" line in your message to ensure that is the case. If your message is sent to me, or to the LISTSERV address it will be ignored.


Please answer all questions to the best of your knowledge. If you wish to leave any response blank, you may do so. Your answers will remain completely confidential and anonymous. (When your answers are received, there will be no connection between you and your responses. The software that processes the survey will ignore your name and e-mail address.) We're not looking for information about specific people, just the TOURBUS crowd as a whole.

1) In what country do you receive TOURBUS?
   USA       (  )  Canada       (  )  Great Britain (  )  Australia (  )
   Germany   (  )  Netherlands  (  )  Italy         (  )  Israel    (  )
   Argentina (  )  South Africa (  )  New Zealand   (  )  Other  (     )

2) How long have you been using the Internet?
   1 - 6  months (  )      7 - 12 months (  )
   About 1 year  (  )      About 2 years (  )
   About 3 years (  )      Forever       (  )

3) What type of Internet connection do you have?  (Choose one from
   each column.)

   Modem Speed          Service Provider
   --------------       ----------------
   2400  bps  (  )       Online Service (AOL, Prodigy, etc.)   (  )
   9600  bps  (  )       SLIP/PPP (Graphical interface)        (  )
   14400 bps  (  )       Shell or BBS Account (Text Only)      (   )
   28800 bps  (  )       E-Mail Only (No direct Internet)      (  )
   Faster!    (  )

4) Describe your primary Internet usage.
   Mostly E-mail (  )      Web Surfing   (  )
   Research      (  )      Business      (  )
   Education     (  )      Other         (  )

5) Are you male or female?
   Male          (  )      Female        (  )

6) What is your age? (  )

7) Level of education?
   Elementary   (  )       High School  (  )
   College      (  )       Advanced Deg (  )

8) Your Occupation (                             )

9) Approximate household income?  USD$ (          )

10a) TOURBUS will always be free.  But would you ever pay to receive
     information by e-mail that was relevant to your personal or
     business interests?
      Yes          (  )      No            (  )

10b) If you answered "Yes" - what would you pay for a six-month
     subscription to an electronic newsletter?     USD$ (        )
     What topic(s) would be of interest?  (                          )

Thanks, that's all! But before you hit the "Send" button, please make sure you've addressed this note to TOURBUS@BEACHTECH.COM We'll share a summary of the results when all the data is tabulated.

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