TOURBUS: Tuesday, November 26, 1996
DRIVER: Bob Rankin
More Internet Power Tools

Back in September 1995, I did a posting on power tools for the Internet. Since things change so quickly in the cyberspace arena, I figured it would be a good idea to dust that one off and bring it up to date.

Today's posting will give you valuable tips for finding people, places and things in the online world. I've found that a good working knowledge of the major Internet search tools helps me in many areas of life and business, so let's plug in and power up those power tools!

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The FOUR11 Online User Directory an Internet white pages service which can be used to look for someone's e-mail address or personal Web page. All Internet users are provided a free listing and access to the Four11 directory, which purports to hold data several million users. Recently, FOUR11 has added a new service which lets you search for people's phone number or address. Check it out at or send e-mail to

(There are similar services at WhoWhere - - and SwitchBoard - - so try 'em all!)


And let's not overlook this handy database at MIT which keeps tabs on everyone who has posted a message on Usenet. Send e-mail to "" and include a command like this in the BODY (not the Subject line) of your message:

send usenet-addresses/Jane Doe Harvard

Web Searchers

There's a lot of great stuff out on the Web, but how do you find it? There are several search engines that have been developed to search for information on the Web. Here is the Doctor's prescription for the best of the bunch.

ALTA VISTA - is Doctor Bob's top pick for web searching because it has the largest database of web pages, is super fast, and it indexes every word on every document in the database. Oh, and it can also search Usenet newsgroups. Check it out at

INFOSEEK - is another notable search engine, offering "natural language" query capability. Just ask it a question, and you'll be impressed with the results. Try INFOSEEK at

METACRAWLER - another nifty tool from the University of Washington. This one bounces your search words against all the major search engines and combines the results in a unified display. Tres cool!

Just Point Me In The Right Direction

Not sure what you want? Here are some topical catalogs of "good stuff" that you can search. Wax up the board and hit the surf at:

EInet Galaxy
Internet Research Pointer

Finding Mailing Lists

To find out about mailing lists that are relevant to your interests, visit or send e-mail "" with search "whatever" in the BODY if the message. (The quotes force an exact match.) (Of course you must replace "whatever" with your own search word such as "dogs", "cycling", etc.)

Usenet Necessities

A service on the Web makes it possible to search Usenet newsgroups for postings that contain keywords of interest to you. To search the last few months of Usenet drivel, zip on over to

Another one called REFERENCE.COM makes it possible to search USENET and "subscribe" to receive a daily list of newsgroup postings that match your search criteria. Visit or send mail to "" with HELP in the body of note.

Weep No More...

Now you're prepared to find almost anything in cyberspace - that is if you've got a decent Internet connection offering WWW access. But even if you're stuck with a simple e-mail account, there's good news.

You can access almost all of the resources and search tools mentioned here by e-mail! "Accessing The Internet By E-Mail", my guide to offline Internet access, is a free document that reveals all.

To get the new V6.1 edition, send e-mail to: And enter this long, ugly string in the BODY of the note:

  send usenet/news.answers/internet-services/access-via-email

Or if you like, visit my home page at and follow the link to the MIT site where the latest version lives.

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