TOURBUS: Tuesday, December 3, 1996
DRIVER: Bob Rankin
Assorted Eclectica

Howdy all - I decided to devote today's posting to some offbeat sites that were brought to my attention by TOURBUS riders over the past year. It's an eclectic mix of useful, interesting and funny. Each site is worth a visit!

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Lighthouse Getaway Site

Several months back I came across this wonderful Web site, "Bill's Lighthouse Getaway". Since that time it has expanded and received a top 5% Web site rating. I thought that the TourBus just might like to take a tour with close to 100 lighthouse images. They are well worth the effort. The site belongs to William A. Britten, Systems Librarian at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville Libraries. -- Thomas Trout (


It's an online auction where you can buy and sell stuff! And the best part, it's free! (for sales under $100). I've sold all sorts of "junk" in no time at all. A great example of some innovative use of the WWW. -- Doug Burg (

Limericks and More Limericks

While researching for our limerick contest, we discovered a whole subculture of limericks and nonsense poetry on the web. One of the sites is The Limerick Garden... -- Peg Kay (

Oh, here's a sample from the Limerick Garden. My kinda poetry. ;-)

A silly old gardener named Pottem
Complained of a frostbitten bottom.
When it rained on his plants
He remembered his pants,
But whenever it snowed he forgot 'em.

Zip2 Door-to-Door

Your Tourbus of today reminded me of a neato & zorch site I learned about a few days ago. You can type in a starting address (only for certain U.S. metro areas, unfortunately) and a destination address and it comes back within just a second or two with complete, plain English step-by-step directions for getting from the starting location to the destination. With step by step incremental mileage details to boot. And total distance and time. It is amazing. -- Nelson Bonner (

Year 2000

Enjoyed the virus roadmap. Somewhat related but not quite a virus is the Year 2000 computing problem. We have a site with tons of stuff on it. The site was recently shown on CNN, and mentioned in the Wall Street Journal and in FORTUNE. -- Cliff Kurtzman (
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