TOURBUS: Tuesday, December 17, 1996
DRIVER: Bob Rankin
Pop Quiz!

Greetings, fellow riders!

Today, I've cooked up a little quiz to test your online acumen. The difficulty of each question is indicated by the number of stars that follow. See how many you can answer without going online, and then find your Net-Q rating in the chart at the end of the quiz.

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And Now, The Quiz...

  1. According to CERN, this is "the universe of network-accessible information, an embodiment of human knowledge". (*)
  2. The tool one uses to login to a remote machine on the Internet. (*)
  3. A three letter acronym for the address of a document on the World-Wide Web. (*)
  4. These Arizona lawyers wrote the book on Spam. (**)
  5. A mailing list manager with a military moniker. (**)
  6. An escalating sequence of rude or angry newsgroup postings. (*)
  7. A popular privacy tool from Finland, now defunct. (**)
  8. The system used on the Internet to equate IP addresses to domain names. (**)
  9. A means of retrieving publically available files from an Internet server. (*)
  10. A piano player and a tool to help you find mailing lists. (**)
  11. He created a "pretty good" piece of encyption software. (***)
  12. This Usenet denizen lives on a lemur ranch in North Carolina. (***)
  13. Thousands of these Q&A documents can be found on Usenet. (*)
  14. A UNIX network protocol that supports e-mail and distributed conferencing. (***)
  15. A rodent that troubled University of Alabama computers, and was made a legend by ROADMAP author Patrick Crispen. (**)
  16. The TCPIP command to determine the status of another Internet node. (*)
  17. A beverage and a technology that can jazz up a web page. (**)
  18. This mild-mannered "Zen Man" had a brush with death in 1994. (***)
  19. A person who has the power to approve or disapprove postings in certain Usenet newsgroups hold this title. (*)
  20. What Emily Post would talk about on Usenet. (*)
  21. This Internet pioneer is author of "elm" and fond of poodles. (***)
  22. This set of extensions to the RFC822 mail specification allows users to transmit images and sound via e-mail. (**)
  23. Yang and Filo skipped school for this venture. (***)
  24. A form of electronic currency with roots in Holland. (***)
  25. This MIT student was charged with conspiracy to pirate $30 million of software over the Internet and later found innocent. (***)
  26. A heavy liquid and a customizable online news delivery service . (**)
  27. The electronic address is the virtual home of the First Family. (**)
  28. The Web turned this furry little guy into info-highway roadkill. (**)
  29. The Internet protocol most commonly used to deliver Usenet newsgroup postings. (**)
  30. Duplicate bovines, and a place to find winsock apps. (**)
  31. The nickname for this ubiquitous list of Internet services contains the surname of its author. (**)
  32. A series of messages on the same topic, usually in the context of a newsgroup. (*)
  33. Benny Goodman's claim to fame, and a commercial Usenet news service. (**)
  34. This repository of U.S. goverment information bears the name of the 3rd U.S. President. (**)
  35. Internet luminaries Borenstein, Rose and Stefferud joined forces to create this Internet commerce mechanism. (***)
  36. He invented the World-Wide Web to facilitate the sharing of information amongst physicists. (***)
  37. Hardware and/or software designed to keep network snoopers out. (*)
  38. A popular (and free) version of UNIX that runs on personal computers. (**)
  39. A video jock who brought MTV to cyberspace now spends more time online than on the air. (**)
  40. Annoying IRC automatons. (***)
  41. A tool that sends your keywords to several search engines and combines the results. (**)
  42. Gleason Sackman moderates this popular mailing list which keeps one up to date on Internet events. (**)
  43. Their quest is to bring public domain classics online for posterity. (**)
  44. Professor Timo Salmi keeps the peace in this Usenet group dedicated to questions posed by new users. (*)
  45. The Gospel According to Gore, three-letter acronym. (**)
  46. This Internet architect developed TCP/IP over two decades ago. (***)
  47. A technology that extends the Web to 3-dimensional worlds. (**)
  48. Netscape's comical reptilian mascot bears this name. (**)
  49. According to Quarterman, this is the social space supported by the Matrix. (***)
  50. The language of the Web. (*)

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Figure Your Net-Q

For each correctly answered question, total up the number of stars and then multiply by 2 to calculate your Net-Q. (Maximum score: 200)
    Score    Rating
   -------  ------------------
   181-200  CyberGuru
   161-180  Net.Geek
   141-160  Seasoned Surfer
   121-140  Just Cruisin'
   101-120  Newbie
   000-100  Get a Modem, Dude!
Answers can be found via my home page, at - but no fair peeking until you've given it your best shot! -Bob

The Stupid Computer Joke of the Week (SCJOTW)

* Why doesn't DOS ever say "EXCELLENT command or filename!" ??? Bad command. Bad, bad command! Sit! Stay! Staaay...
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