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Subject: TOURBUS - 25 March 1997 - Geek Toy Giveaway / Spanish TOURBUS

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     TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Geek Toy Giveaway & Spanish Version

Welcome to another week of TOURBUS!  Since we have over 80,000 riders
in 120 countries, I'm sure today's announcements will make many of you
happy.  Starting this week, TOURBUS is available in a Spanish language
version!  I also have a geek toy to give away - read on...

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TOURBUS en Espanol

Each TOURBUS posting will be translated in Spanish and made available
on the web at this address:

Over time, the archived postings from 1996 and 1997 will be translated
and made available too.  We're also planning a German language version
of TOURBUS real soon, and possibly other languages too.

You won't be able to subscribe to the translated versions, but the URL
Minder service at will tell you when
a new posting is available.  Visit the URL Minder and plug in the address
of the TOURBUS in Spanish page ( and
you're all set to keep up to date with TOURBUS en Espanol!

Vicarious Web Surfing

If you don't have direct access to the Net, you can still explore the
wonders of the Web.  Get my free guide "Accessing The Internet By E-Mail"
and learn how to access almost anything on the Net even if you have only
e-mail at your disposal.

Yes, you really can get web pages by e-mail.  You can even grab files
from FTP sites, participate in Usenet, play games by e-mail and order
a virtual pizza.  Version 6.5 of the "Accessing" guide is available in
over 30 languages.  To get the latest edition (and a list of translations)
send e-mail to: "" and enter this command in the
BODY of the note:

   send usenet/news.answers/internet-services/access-via-email

If you have friends with just e-mail access, grab a copy and send it to
them - they will thank you!  You can also find the "Accessing" guide
(and the Dr. Bob Quintuplets) via my home page at:

Geek Toy Giveaway

To celebrate the announcement of the Spanish version of TOURBUS, I have
a freebie to give away.  It's a "Spanish/English Translator and Deluxe
12-digit Calculator With Metric Converter" from Seiko Instruments.

I kid you not - this thing does exist, and it's right here on my desk,
waiting for one of you to give it a loving home.  All you have to do
is convince three friends to sign up for TOURBUS, then send an e-mail
to BOBRANKIN@MHV.NET with a Subject line reading: CONTEST

That's it - just get your friends on the Bus and you could be a winner.
Oh, and make sure to put just the word CONTEST in the Subject line of
your message.  My mailbot will respond with a confirmation.

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