Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 01:50:55 -0400
From: Bob Rankin 
Subject: TOURBUS - 06 May 1997 - Classifieds2000

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           TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Classifieds2000

Classifieds2000 is a very cool web site, and a great place to buy and
sell used goods and services.  It's kind of like the classifieds in your
local newspaper, except you don't get that black stuff on your fingers
while browsing...

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At Classifieds2000 you can place a free ad, or search through 150,000
classified ads for cars, computers, household items, office equipment,
concert tickets, and yes - even experimental aircraft.

You can also search the Personals to find a new friend, or scan the
Rentals & Roommates area to locate apartments, roommates, vacation
rentals, and timeshares.  And if you're looking for a job, C2K has a
nifty job search which can locate positions in the US and Canada by
keyword and state/province.

Over 25,000 people use the service everyday to advertise their goods
or search through the Classifieds2000 database.  Since October 1995,
they've grown to become one of the largest Marketplaces on the Web,
facilitating over $3 million in transactions on a weekly basis.

The people behind Classifieds2000 claim they've developed the best way,
online or off, for people to buy and sell used goods.  Beats the heck
out of flipping through the newspaper, but your local paper still has
the advantage of being local, and can cater to people who are not yet

Let's take a look at some of the some of the other features you'll find
at Classifieds2000...

 * Powerful search capabilities

   You can fine-tune your search for a used car with queries like "Find
   all Ford cars built after 1988, with air conditioning and four doors
   for less than $5000", or just about any combination you can imagine.

   If you're appliance shopping, you could probably locate a washer
   or dryer in your area for under $100.  I found a fax machine in a
   nearby town for $50.

 * The Shopping Cart

   While you browse, you can place items you find into a virtual
   shopping cart, allowing you to compare multiple items without
   interrupting the search process.

 * Integrated Third-Party Services

   Classifieds2000 works with other complimentary services, such as
   Kelley Blue Book for new and used car pricing, free new car price
   quotes from auto dealers across North America, automotive insurance
   price quotes, automotive extended warranty price quotes and escrow
   services for all types of merchandise.

   This last point is worth noting. For a small fee, people can use the
   services of Trade-Direct to act as an intermediary in the transaction,
   protecting both the buyer and the seller, so they can trade with
   safety and confidence.  That's a nice service if you're thinking of
   buying a computer for $1000 from a stranger.

 * Oil Change Reminder

   This is a nice touch, especially if you've ever burnt an engine to
   a crisp by failing to check or change the oil regularly.  Register
   with your e-mail address and get an automatic reminder.

Have fun at - see you next time!  -Bob

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