Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 01:40:34 -0400
From: Bob Rankin 
Subject: TOURBUS - 13 May 1997 - Yahoo! Portfolios

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           TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Yahoo Portfolios

Here's news of a really cool service recently made available at Yahoo.
You'd think that as much as we hype Yahoo on the Tourbus, they must be
paying us or something.  But so far, they haven't gotten the hint.

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Today we visit the new Portfolios feature of Yahoo, which allows you to
track your investment portfolio in almost real-time, for free!  Let's
start our tour at:

When this page is loaded, you'll see a line reading:

   Portfolios (beta): [Log In]

Click on [Log In] and either use your existing Yahoo account, or create
a new account with Yahoo to access Portfolios and other cool features.

Yahoo crosses it virtual heart and swears to die before making your
personal or portfolio information available to anyone.  It's not a big
deal to create a Yahoo account - they don't ask for your real name,
phone number, address or shoe size.  All you have to pony up is your
birthday, zipcode, occupation and e-mail address to gain entry.  That's
a small price to pay and I suggest that you resist the temptation to
enter bogus data when creating your account.  Press the "LOGIN" button
to continue.

Okay, now you're logged in.  The next step is to click on

   Create New Portfolio

Let's create a sample portfolio, just to take this thing for a test
drive.  When the next page appears, enter a creative Portfolio Name like

Now in the Symbols box, enter "IBM MSFT".  (These are the ticker symbols
for IBM Corp and Microsoft).

Scroll down and click on the "Enter More Info" button.  Now you have the
opportunity to enter the number shares owned and, if you wish, the
original purchase price of each stock.  For this test, just enter "100"
as the number of shares for each stock and click the "Done" button.

The next screen made my jaw drop the first time I saw it.  Here's a
slightly condensed rendition:

  Symbol  Price    Chg     Shrs Value   Change     More Info
  ------  -------  ------  ---- ------- ---------  ---------
  IBM     173 1/2  +6      100  $17,350 $600 3.6%  Chart, News
  MSFT    118 1/8  +1 3/8  100  $11,812 $137 1.2%  Profile, Research

  2 symbols - Portfolio Value:  $29,162 $737 2.6%

Wow - not just the closing prices, like other websites offer.  But the
value of your investment in each stock, your total portfolio value, and
links to other really cool stuff.

  Pick CHART to get 3 month, 1 year, 2 year, or 5 year price graphs.

  Pick NEWS to view recent related news stories, and find out why that
  stock went up or down.

  Pick PROFILE to access Hoover's company profile for a stock.

  Pick RESEARCH to view Zack's stock market research and find (among
  other info) what savvy brokers are recommending in terms of Buy, Hold
  or Sell decisions for a company's stock.

A "Download Spreadsheet Format" link is also provided at the end of the
stock quotes.  Click on this link to download a file you can import
into spreadsheet programs such as Excel and Quicken.  Just save this file
to disk and open with your spreadsheet program.  (Macintosh users:
ignore the message about needing a plug-in and just save the file.)
Open this file in Excel as a comma-separated text file, or in Quicken,
use the Import Prices command.

You can even track the value of money market or other cash-based funds
with Yahoo Portfolios.  I'm hooked, even though I'm not a Wall Street
whiz with massive holdings.  Give it a try!

See you next time.   --Bob

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