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           TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: More Rider Reviews

Welcome aboard once again!  I got a lot of positive feedback on the
recent "Revenge of the Riders" issue, so today's TOURBUS is going to
be an encore performance.  I've selected several notes received from
TOURBUS riders who wrote to recommend their most favorite or useful
web sites.

But before we roll, I'd like you to check out some sites that are
some of my personal favorites - the sponsors who make it possible to
keep the World's Largest Bus on the streets os cyberspace.  :-)

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SEAWORLD - From Mary-Lynn Jensen

> Loved your recent listing of animal related sites, but you missed
> the BEST ONE!  - http://www.seaworld.org
> This is Shamu's home page and has information about all the animals
> at Sea World and Busch Gardens.  It also has "shark cam" and "JJ
> cam" which are new cooperative projects with Microsoft which allow
> you to watch live continuous feed video from the Terrors of the
> Deep exhibit at Sea World of Florida and to see continual progress
> of "JJ" the rescued gray whale at Sea World of California.  You've
> got to check this one out!

TOTAL YELLOWSTONE - From Jennifer Bieneman

> I thought I'd pass along my own recommendation in case you wanted
> to do a summer trip bus tour or something.  The Total Yellowstone
> Page at http://www.yellowstone-natl-park.com/
> I have found this site incredibly useful in planning my summer trip
> there next week.  The National Parks system http://www.nps.gov/
> also has a great site with all the National Parks on it.  Used that
> for the stops I'm making along the way to Yellowstone.

CLASSMATES - Ken La Plante

> Being a fairly new rider of the Tourbus I'd first like to say
> thanks for the great resource.  As a suggested bus stop check out
> (if have not already) http://classmates.com
> At Classmates site you can register your email address and search
> for high school classmates online.  In addition once registered
> Classmates will automatically email you if anyone registers from
> your high school that graduated from two years prior to your
> graduation or two post your year.

CELEBRITY NIGHMARES - From Diana Stoneberg

> I would like to suggest the following site for your review:
> Celebrity Nightmare Contest
> http://users.aol.com/mmbriefs/trpwin.htm

I got a particular kick out of this last one.  It's full of funny
one-liners describing people's most dreaded celebrity encounters.
Here are some of my favorites:

  "My room is filled with conveyor belts with thousands of ducks laying
  eggs which hatch into little Joan Rivers ducks quacking incessantly."

  "Bill Gates has bought rights to the atmosphere, you have to pay for
  air, and a Microsoft Logo hangs in the sky..."

  "I wake up with Sculley and Mulder from the X Files standing over me
  looking horrified."

See you next time - and be on the lookout for Patrick's long-awaited
Virus posting.  It's coming on Thursday!  -- Bob

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