Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 01:19:33 -0400
From: Bob Rankin 
Subject: TOURBUS TOP TEN - 24 June 1997 - The Oracle

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Hi!  We're having a party, and it's going to last a whole month.  This
issue marks the beginning of our special BEST OF TOURBUS series - to
celebrate the two year anniversary of the Internet Tourbus.  In the
next ten issues of Tourbus, Patrick and I will be revisiting our
favorite stops along the tour.  We encourage you to share these special
issues with friends, and tell them to hop on the world's biggest Bus!

    TOURBUS TOP TEN SITE #1 : The Internet Oracle

Do dogs have lips?  I'll be darned if I know, but the Internet Oracle
could no doubt give you an answer to that or any of life's other little

But you don't need to ask the Oracle how to find good chocolate.  After
trying these truffles, I can tell you the answer is here...

+-------------------------[ CHOCLET HOUSE ]--------------------------+
      Mmmm... The most mouthwatering chocolates on the Web and
    sugar-free chocolates you cannot believe are at ChocletHouse.
     Sent fresh anywhere in the USA - Any Time.  Put a "B" after
        your name when ordering online and get a free truffle!
+---[ Visit  OR  Dial 1-800-Choclet ]---+

Oh, before we begin - a bit of irony.  When I originally wrote this
issue back in April 1996, I was bemoaning the fact that my inbox had
just exploded - causing me to lose over 100 messages.  Well, it
happened again.  So if you sent me something this past weekend and
never got a reply, that's why.

No Monocle On This Oracle

The Internet Oracle (formerly known as the Usenet Oracle) has nothing to
do with those one-eyed dispensers of wisdom from Greek mythology.  It's
an exercise in collaborative humor that involves asking silly questions
and receiving creative and humorous replies.

In order to ask the Oracle that burning question on your mind, you must
send e-mail to "".  In the subject of your message,
put something like "Oracle Most Wise, please tell me ...".  (Any subject
will work as long as it contains "tell me".)

The Oracle will farm your question out to another participant, but you'll
have to answer a question from another "supplicant" before you get your
own reply!

The Jocular Oracle

When you get your question, put a little effort into making it fun for the
asker.  Be witty, be funny, be creative - it's all anonymous.  And if your
answer is particularly clever, it will be published in the Internet
Oracularities - a periodic posting of the best of the Oracle.

You can read the Internet Oracularities in the Usenet newsgroup called
"".  If you don't have Usenet access, you can receive
the Oracularities by e-mail.  Send e-mail to
with "subscribe" in the Subject line.

Today I just read through "Best of the Internet Oracularities 876-900"
and laughed so hard it hurt.  Look for the one about "having trouble with
my Spanish homework" - it's hilarious!

Even though the Internet Oracle operates in the e-mail realm, you can
submit a question or find out more about the Oracle on the Web at this

Read The Help File First

You can also get a copy of the Oracular Help File there (which you should
definitely read before trying the Oracle), or request it via e-mail by
sending a message to "" with HELP in the Subject line.

The Internet Oracle has been in operation since 1989 at Indiana University.
You can view archived Oracularities on the Web at the address given above,
or send the word "help" in the body of a message to
for details on getting them by e-mail.

Enjoy the Oracle, see you Thursday!  -Bob

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