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Subject: TOURBUS TOP TEN - 15 July 1997 -

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Welcome back!  Get ready for part seven in the Best Of Tourbus
Anniversary series.  Sit back and enjoy the ride, pass along these
special issues to all your friends, and tell 'em to hop on the Bus!

     TOURBUS TOP TEN SITE #7 : WorldVillage

There aren't very many sites on the Web that I would describe as
unique, interesting, and family-safe.  So many web sites are just a
bunch of links to "k00l stuff" that somebody slapped together in 15
minutes.  There's no creativity, invention or dynamic content to draw
you back again.

Not so with WorldVillage...  here's a high-quality site with wide
appeal that's updated daily.  Here's a place I actually brought my
kids to visit, and this one goes in the old        , folks.  We'll
continue our tour after a word from today's TOURBUS sponsors...

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WorldVillage Beckons...

The first thing you notice about WV is the crisp original graphics
that beckon you to explore the main attractions.  Let's check out the
highlights of several Worldvillage areas...

Gamer's Zone --

The Zone features a wealth of information for computer game players
including software reviews, feature articles and a download area with
some really great games.  (Try out Gripple for DOS or Mahhjong for

There's also Gamer's Site of the Day, The Ultimate Gaming List (demos,
patches, hints and more from game publishers) and some really cool
games you can play right on the Web!

  TRIVIA HOUND - Match wits with the puzzling pooch in this DAILY
  dose of trivia madness!  The Trivia Hound gives you a chance to win
  prizes every day of the week.

  TUNE MANIA - Think you know music?  Listen to a new soundbite every
  day and have a chance to win great software prizes!  There's a new
  winner guaranteed every day.

  MANIC MAZE!  - the web's coolest virtual maze.  Navigate your way
  through the cyber-foliage and see if you can make it out the other
  side.  I did succeed in getting sucked through several "warp
  holes", but when you're navigating with two helpful little girls on
  your lap it's a little more challenging.

  You can also find the Myst Trivia Challenge, Netris, Yahtzee,
  Missile Commando II and a bunch more.  And don't miss the link to, a multiplayer gaming arena where you can play
  your favorite games with others.  Chess, checkers, hearts, bridge,
  backgammon and others await you.

School House --

This institution of electronic learning features interesting and
humorous articles, reviews of educational software (with a download
area), cartoons, and a "Too Cool School House Educational Site of the

You might want to check out some of these downloads:

  ULTIMATE LANGUAGE TUTOR - Test your knowledge of Spanish, French,
  German, and Italian vocabulary, verb conjugations, and phrases.
  You can choose multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank questions.

  USA MAP - This one's freeware -- no registration necessary.  You
  get a mercator map of the US showing time zones, set to your
  computer's clock; longitude, and latitude.  Click on a state and
  get the capitol, area and date it entered the union.  You also get
  driving times and distances between major cities.

Worldvillage KIDZ --

A related feature of Worldvillage is the KIDZ section.  Here kids from
preschool through teens will find fun fare, including:

  BILLY BEAR - A nice place for the young ones to visit.  Kids can
  create their own animated storybooks.

  COMICS - Monthly Comics by Uncle Ron

  PUZZLES - Crossword puzzles, word search puzzles and mazes are
  featured each month.

  BETH'S PICKS - For girls only.
  JERRY'S PICKS - For boys only.

MultiMedia Cafe --

Pull up a chair, both regular and decaf e-coffee are served in the
Cafe!  In the Features section, Ron Enderland admits he's just as
dazed as you are by all this computer stuff, and Jason Bednarik
examines the variety of choices you have in making the decision of how
to upgrade your computer.

Download sound bites of your favorite comedians that you can assign to
Windows events, listen to audio snippets from Star Wars, relive your
all-time favorite commercials ("I've fallen and I can't get up!!!") or
hear Fred say "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyabba dabba dooo!"

Oh, and do stop in at the Bald Guy's Multimedia Site of the Week to
find sights, sounds, and other "whiz bang nifty stuff" online.  This
week's featured site is "Views of the Solar System" a well-done site
gives you lots of graphical images as well as movies of various
stellar activity.

Other Cool Stuff at WorldVillage

Space does not permit me to cover the full spectrum of features you
can find at WorldVillage.  This is a family-friendly site where you
can feel good about turning your kids loose for awhile, but there's
plenty of fun and interesting stuff for Big Kids too.  Stop and see
for yourself!  --Bob

     TOURBUS TOP TEN SITE #7 : WorldVillage

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