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Hi!  :)

The University of Alabama upgraded its mainframe this weekend (from an IBM
3090-400E, a 128Mb four-CPU system installed in 1986, to an IBM 9672-R53
with five processors and 2Gb of memory).  I went down to the machine room a
few moments ago (which, with all of the cables lying across the floor,
looks like the site of a giant squid explosion), and noticed that the old
mainframe was not powered down.

When asked the reason why the old mainframe was still on, the IBM
technician responded, "we're leaving it on to heat the room."  :)

I thought you'd get a kick out of that.  Anyway, I want to give a special
thank you to the folks who are sponsoring today's TOURBUS post.  Not only
do they keep our little bus of Internet happiness running week after week,
they also offer some really cool stuff too!

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Before we get to today's TOURBUS stop, I want to take a second to debunk
yet another urban legend that has been cluttering up the Net recently.  A
few of your fellow TOURBUS riders have received e-mail letters from with the following message:

     On behalf of our client, Samsung America Inc., ("Samsung") we
     hereby request that you cease and desist all inflammatory
     internet hacking, telephone hacking, flaming, jamming, and other
     illegal activities.

What is most shocking is that all of the people who received this letter
have never even visited the Samsung site.  Come to think of it, even *I*
haven't visited their site.

The cease and desist letter goes on to say that

     Our client has asked us to inform you that all of your future
     correspondences should be directed to their counsel:

     Russell L. Allyn, Attorney at Law
     California Sate Bar Number (SBN) 143531
     Katz, Hoyt, Seigel & Kapor LLP
     Los Angeles, CA
     310-XXX-XXXX (fax)

     [BTW, the X's are mine ...]

Since I am actively looking for any way possible to postpone studying for
my upcoming EC 431 final, I decided to call the phone number that was

Are you ready for a shock?  According to the receptionist at Katz, Hoyt,
Seigel and Kapor [isn't Kapor an attorney at the EFF?], the letter is --
brace yourself -- a HOAX!  [GASP!]

Go figure.  :)


With all of the "get rich quick" schemes, charity scams, and medical hoaxes
floating around the Net, it is sometimes hard to know what to believe.
Wouldn't it be great if there was an online resource that you could turn to
to help you weed out the facts from the misinformation?

Well, such a resource exists, and you can find it at IntelNET.  The nice
folks at IntelNET have created a huge library of public service documents
covering topics as "Avoiding Ponzi And Pyramid Schemes" and "When Is A Tax
Collector Not A Tax Collector?"  Best of all, every one of these public
service documents is absolutely FREE . . . and -- brace yourself -- you can
"download" them via e-mail!

Before I tell you how to do that, though, let's review some basic stuff
about e-mail.  Everyone should know by now that all e-mail addresses have
three parts:

     1. The "UserID" (pronounced "user-I-D");

     2. The "at" sign (@, which is located above the number 2 on your
        keyboard); and

     3. The "machine" name.

For example, if my e-mail address is

then "crispen" is my UserID; the "at" sign is, well, the "at" sign; and my
machine name is ""

Why did I tell you all of this?  Well, to be able to retrieve IntelNET's
public service documents, you are going to have to send an e-mail letter to
an IntelNET e-mail address that you "construct" from information contained
in IntelNET's document index.  Here is an example of IntelNET's document

     Name     Description
     PSA00041 900 Number Opportunities - Not What You Might Think
     PSA00018 Advance Fee Loan Boiler Rooms
     PSA00055 Allergy 2000 (Air Filter)

Notice that first column ("Document Name")?  If you add the document name to

(in other words, if you use the document name as the UserID), and then send
a blank e-mail letter to that address, a machine at IntelNET will respond
(eventually) by sending you the document that you requested.

For example, if you wanted to see IntelNET's public service document on
"900 Number Opportunities - Not What You Might Think," you would send a
blank e-mail letter to

and a little while later you should receive an e-mail letter containing the
information that you requested.  If you wanted to see IntelNET's public
service document on "Advance Fee Loan Boiler Rooms," you'd send a blank
e-mail letter to

Simple, isn't it?  Before I show you the whole list of documents, though, I
have a few last-minute warnings:

     1. I haven't had the opportunity to review all of IntelNET's
        documents, but the stuff that I have read seems to be pretty
        accurate and honest.  However, before you blindly accept the
        information contained in a particular IntelNET public service
        document, you might want to do a little research of your own.

     2. IntelNET's auto-responder (the program that responds to your
        e-mail requests) is EXCRUCIATINGLY slow.  Remember, patience
        is a virtue.  :)

     3. With the exception of the first three documents ("ABOUT,"
        "BIZYNET," and "PSADIR") all of IntelNET's document titles
        contain ZEROS, and not the letter "O."  REMEMBER: USE ZEROS,
        *NOT* THE LETTER "O!"

With that said, here is IntelNET's complete list of public service documents:

  Name     Description
  ABOUT    Information on IntelNET(tm)
  BIZYNET  Information on BIZynet(tm)
  PSADIR   This Document (This File Is Updated On A Regular Basis)

  *** Public Service Announcement/Document Files

  PSA00049 1554 Corporation (Them Mellinger Plan) (Import/Export)
  PSA00041 900 Number Opportunities - Not What You Might Think
  PSA00018 Advance Fee Loan Boiler Rooms
  PSA00055 Allergy 2000 (Air Filter)
  PSA00001 Art Fraud Fast Facts
  PSA00023 Avoiding Ponzi And Pyramid Schemes (Fraud)
  PSA00002 Business Opportunities
  PSA00065 Business Opportunity, Inc. (Fraud)
  PSA00063 Cashflow Systems, Inc. - Francis Leichman Corp. (Fraud)
  PSA00003 Charity Scams (Fraud)
  PSA00057 ChromaTrim (Diet Scam)
  PSA00034 Commodities - Before Trading, Get The Facts
  PSA00037 Computer Business Service, Inc. (CBSI) Janette L. Douglas
  PSA00059 Credit Card, Secured (MARKETING SCAMS)
  PSA00004 Credit Repair Scams (Fraud)
  PSA00011 Cyberfraud
  PSA00006 Diet Programs Fast Facts
  PSA00007 Due Diligence (What To Investigate): Investigate!!
  PSA00038 Elder Fraud Information
  PSA00056 ElectroKlean (Air Filter)
  PSA00009 Equipment Sales Scams (Fraud)
  PSA00012 Fortunia Alliance (Busted)
  PSA00066 Fradulent Magazine Marketers
  PSA00013 Franchise And Business Opportunities Fast Facts
  PSA00016 FreeCom Communications, Inc. (Busted)
  PSA00019 Gastrointestinal Parasites
  PSA00014 Health Claims: Separate Fact From Fiction, It's Your Health
  PSA00064 Health: Finding A Cure For Snake-Oil
  PSA00068 How To Investigate A Copyright (U.S.)
  PSA00035 International Call Scam (Pay-Per-Call Scams)
  PSA00040 International Call Scheme Re: Daniel Lubell,
  PSA00061 Intl. Direct, Inc. - American Security Products, Inc.
  PSA00008 Investigate Before You Invest !
  PSA00036 Koolatron (Comtrad Industries, Inc.)
  PSA00042 Look Before You Lease A Car
  PSA00024 Make Money Fast
  PSA00065 Market Systems, Ltd (Fraud)
  PSA00028 Multi-Level-Marketing, Network Marketing, etc.,
  PSA00066 National Scholastic Society, Inc. (Fraud)
  PSA00027 National Talent Associates, Inc. (Busted)
  PSA00020 Pase Corp. (Busted)
  PSA00054 Patch, The (Diet Patch Fraud)
  PSA00044 Pointers For Jewelry Shoppers
  PSA00025 Ponzi And Pyramid Schemes (Fraud)
  PSA00045 Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. (Living Trust Scam)
  PSA00046 Pre-Paid Phone Cards (Executive Summary)
  PSA00021 Profit From Publishing Scam (Fraud)
  PSA00065 Progressive Products, Inc. (Fraud)
  PSA00066 S.J.A. Society, Inc. - Apex Marketing Group (Fraud)
  PSA00033 Sample Scholarship Scam Ads
  PSA00005 Scam Artists Offering Credit Cards
  PSA00022 Secret Of The Pyramid Schemes
  PSA00053 Secured Credit Card - Marketing Scams
  PSA00010 Shopping At A Franchise Exposition Fast Facts
  PSA00032 Six Signs That Your Scholarship Is Sunk (With Student Guide
  PSA00048 SplitFire, Inc. (Spark Plugs)
  PSA00017 Starr Communications (Busted)
  PSA00067 Student Assistance Service, Inc. (Scam)
  PSA00031 Students Getting Stung On Scholarships
  PSA00026 Telltale Signs Of Online Fraud
  PSA00058 The Mentor Network, Inc. (MENTOR)
  PSA00047 The Money Tree,Inc./Money To Lend, Inc. (Insurance Scam)
  PSA00039 The Stimulator (Natural Inovations, Inc.)
  PSA00069 Understand Your Market!  Before You Go Into Business or
  PSA00060 Unique Gems Pyramid Scam
  PSA00066 University Society Publishers Periodicals (Fraud)
  PSA00029 Vending Machines And Display Racks Fast Facts
  PSA00030 Wealth Building Scams
  PSA00062 When Is A Tax Collector Not A Tax Collector? (Fraud)
  PSA00043 Who Keeps Information On People (Non-Governement Agencies)
  PSA00015 Work At Home Schemes Fast Facts

That's it for this week.  Remember, just add the document name to

(in other words, use the document name as the UserID), and then send a
blank e-mail letter to that address.  A machine at IntelNET will respond
(eventually) by sending you the document that you requested.


NEW-Q'-LAR (adjective).  Relating to the use of the atomic nucleus.
Usage:  "Bubba's a sailor on one of dem new-Q'-lar submarines."

(Special thanks to Ned Barnett -- and former President Jimmy Carter -- for
today's word)

[By the way ... that's "you-ay-won-eye-ex"]

  For info on my new book "Atlas for the Information Superhighway"

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