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Howdy, y'all!  :)

In my last TOURBUS post, I promised to tell you the "secret" of that online
card trick at .  Well, after
talking with Jason Berrang, the creator of the trick, he and I decided that
it really wouldn't be a good idea if I did that. Instead, in the words of
Jason, we're just going to "keep the magic alive."

Now if I can only get Jason to teach me how to make ramen noodles fly ...

+------------- FLYING NOODLE PASTA OF THE MONTH CLUB ---------------+
        Only $19.95 plus shipping - 2 Gourmet PASTAS, 2 SAUCES
    and recipes. A great gift or a small indulgence for yourself.
+-----------------  -------------------+


If you have been on our little bus of Internet happiness for a while, you
will probably recognize the truth in the statement "the most popular Web
sites aren't necessarily the BEST Web sites."  After all, how many people
know about Dogpile?

That doesn't mean, however, that I totally avoid the most popular sites on
the Web.  In fact, I visit Yahoo, AltaVista, and cnet several times a day.
Besides, it is kind of cool to discover what the most popular Web sites
really are.  That's where today's first TOURBUS stop comes in.

There are *MANY* different companies offering *MANY* different measurements
of Web site popularity, but one of my favorites is "100hot."  100hot can be
found on the Web at

100hot shows you a list of the 100 most popular Web sites, updated every
week.  To see this "master" list, just click on the 100hot logo on 100hot's
main homepage, or point your Web browser to

You can also view the 100 most popular Web sites by category, including
such categories as:

     World          Play!          Tech          News/Info
     -----          -----          ----          ---------
     Japan          Games          Webware       Biz
     U.K.           Sports         Servers       Finance
     Germany        Travel         ISP's         Newspapers

Interested in seeing the 100 most popular newspaper sites on the Web?
100hot can help!  You can find all of 100hot's categories on their main
homepage at .  All totaled, 100hot lets you see the
100 most popular Web sites in 35 different categories!

Wait.  It gets better.  100hot, in conjunction with the folks at AltaVista,
also offers a really cool search engine that -- get ready for this --
limits your searches to the 500,000 most popular Web pages from the 50,000
most popular Web sites!  This means that when you do a search using
100hot's database, you will only get back the most popular Web pages that
match your keywords.  Cool, huh?

You can find 100hot's search engine on the Web at
 (although, to be completely honest, I
have no idea why 100hot doesn't place this search engine on their main
homepage as well).

So, if you are looking for the most popular Web sites on the Net -- either
overall or by category -- pop on over to 100hot.  While their search engine
is "hidden," the rest of 100hot's site is an incredible resource.


Our next stop is here at the University of Alabama.  As you probably know
by now, the University of Alabama is famous for:

     1. The Crimson Tide.  Alabama's football teams have won 12
        national championships, our women's gymnastics teams have won
        3 national championships (all in the last 10 years!), and our
        men's baseball team finished 2nd in the past College World

     2. Me (the University of Alabama's original "Year 2000 Problem").

What a lot of people don't know is

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