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Subject: TOURBUS - 07 Oct 1997 - Free Pizza!

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    TODAY'S TOURBUS SITE   : The Pizza Server

Almost two years ago, the Tourbus pulled into one of my favorite spots
on the Net - the Internet Pizza Server.  Since then over 40,000 new
riders have climbed aboard, so today we're going to revisit this fun
site which can be used by web or e-mail.

The Internet is full is wild and wacky people.  Brian Hall, also known
as "beej", is one of them.  While a student at California State
University Hall and some friends felt a burning need to create a
mechanism to enable the delivery of free pizza over the Internet.
Why?  Just because!

The service originally started out as a text-based server that would
take requests and make pizza deliveries by e-mail.  Although the e-mail
portion of The Pizza Server still functions, it's also available on the
Web, and has been rated as one of the "Top 5%" of web sites by Point

Ever wonder what a pizza with kittens and green M&M's would be like?  Or
how about pepperoni and legos?  The Pizza Server has been delivering
these and a host of other "make your own" pizza creations since April of

Wanna try your own?

  * Pop on over to 
  * Select "Order and view a pizza over the Web!"
  * Choose from a list of toppings that includes bacon, beetles, eyeballs,
    kittens, pepperoni, sausage, Garlick (funny!), mushrooms, olives,
    baseballs, footballs, bolts, green M&M's, floppy disks and Legos
  * Press "Order Pizza" and watch your pizza appear on the screen

If you're limited to e-mail access, don't worry -- you still get a
pizza.  Just send e-mail to with "pizza help" in
the SUBJECT line (ditch the quotes, though).  You will need software to
decode and view the returned image if that feature is not built into
your e-mail program.  If you need a decoding program, send e-mail as
shown below:

    Subject: send

It doesn't matter what you put in the message body, but your Subject
line must look EXACTLY like the one shown above.  If you do it wrong, my
mailbot won't recognize your request and it'll go straight into the bit
bucket.  (If you use the Web version of the Pizza server, you can ignore
all this stuff.)

Note: Normally you can't send an executable program by e-mail without
first encoding it, but this version of UUDECODE is special. It's pure
ASCII, so you can save it as a file and run it from the DOS prompt!

There are lots of fun little tidbits scattered around the Pizza Server
web site.  If you poke around a bit you'll see:

   * Why the denizens of digital dough have declared war on Pizza Hut
   * Who Garlick really is
   * Links to interesting pizza sites
   * Lists of online pizza joints
   * How to order a pizza (the kind you can eat) by FedEx!

One final note, the digital pizza delivered by the Pizza Server really
is free.  That stuff about Beej Bux is all in fun.  Digital pizza may
not taste great, but it certainly is less filling.  Enjoy!

TOURBUS Miscellany

Just a reminder, the Tourbus Home Page, found on the Web at


now sports a new Chat Room where you can yack it up with other Tourbus
riders.  We encourage you to use this chat facility to meet others from
around the world and to discuss the latest Tourbus postings.  It's also
a great place to ask any burning Internet questions you may have.

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See you next time!  --Bob

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